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Text-Based Adventure game written in Python

Text-Based Adventure game written in Python. Meet a sassy old man, fight dragons, learn about dark magic and the black forest that looms across that salt water lake by the walled village. Pick your weapon for the dragon fight, or befriend the dragon and learn the world's secrets with their aged wisd...

Written in the Python world war aircraft

Written in Python and pygame module plane war games, there are many writing tips, detecting collisions, playing music, the aircraft are divided into large, medium and small three fighters, like Python programming and game development can refer to...

Machine learning the actual Python code

Based on the following three reasons, we choose a Python as the machine learning algorithm of programming languages: (1) Python syntax is clear; (2) easy to operate a plain text file; (3) using widely, there are a large number of development documents....

assigmnet hw 1

To answer the following questions, please only employ Python knowledge discussed in Chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook. Do not use techniques or tools that are not discussed in these two chapters. Q1. Start the Python interpreter in interactive mode and use it as a calculator to solve...

Scrapy Web crawler Framework v1.0.6

Scrapy is based on asynchronous processing based on the Twisted framework, a pure Python implementation of crawler frame, users only need to custom-developed several modules you can easily implement a crawler, used to grab the content as well as a variety of pictures, very convenient....

Visual Python computer programming source code

The Python programming in computer vision is the programming of computer vision practice guidelines, rely on Python language explains the basic theory and algorithms, and by a large number of examples and detailed analysis of the object recognition, content-based image retrieval, optical character r...

Python 文件读写目录浏览功能类

Python 文件读写目录浏览功能类,包括目录浏览,文本文件读写,文本文件计数,编码读写等文本文件功能。还包括的编码的转换。...

Python 爬去微博数据 非常好,可以针对用户,爬去全部需要的数据

Python 爬去微博数据 非常好,可以针对用户,爬去全部需要的数据,如果服务端有限制,可以通过方式设置,读取需要的数据,包括回复等...

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