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Linux cluster High.performance.Linux.Clusters.With.Oscar.Rocks.openmosix.And.Mpi.2004 introduce books (in English), I hope everyone likes...

LMS241GF18 pre

LMS241GF18 pre-approval Datasheet and Initial code...

Hibernate performance tuning! Legend javaeye Moderators Mr. Robbin masterpiece!

Hibernate performance tuning! Legend javaeye Moderators Mr. Robbin masterpiece!...

performance Comparison of various interference suppression algorithms

Application backgroundMIMO-OFDM technology is used in LTE, while a good solution to the problem of interference of the users within the cell, but the more serious inter cell interference problems, inter cell interference has become an important factor to restrict the system capacity and cell edge us...


various utilities, among them: Beam One-to-one map Multi map Stopwatch Stack Trie and so forth Requirements JAVA 1.6 Acknowledgements The software is part of the software developed within the preSEMT project....

various code that is used for importing data into kramerius4/fedora3

Metadata from various sources are being imported into the kramerius4/fedora3. Here is some of the software that has been developed in Moravian Library in order to achieve this....


本程序是MIMO预编码的程序 对两种典型的预编码BDSLNR进行性能对比,如BER,容量。希望对大家有帮助。...

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