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Web/BS of the JSP to do BLOG, are used on the server running TOMCAT...

Web server using Socket to create a Web server, the process is multi

Web server using Socket to create a Web server, the process is multi-threaded system to improve the reaction speed...

Web service Ville (Gestion des villes contenant des apartements)

Managing Cities -  Urban Management containing apartments, each contients City of apartments that are free on a date given in parameter. Gestion de Villes  -  Gestion des villes contenant des apartements, chaque Ville contients des apartements qui son...

Web server version of Android news reader

News client source code, including client and server source code source code and database files...

Webservice with Java

Web service using Java + Java DB with three methods, namely: insert, get and search. very easy to use, we want to help!...

Simple Web server using an Arduino Wiznet Ethernet shield

A simple Web server using an Arduino Wiznet Ethernet shield. For Arduino IDE V1.0 only. Previous IDE versions require mods to this code. Original code created 18 Dec 2009 by David A. Mellis modified 4 Sep 2010 by Tom Igoe modified 18 Jan 2012 by Tim Dicus Just change MAC and...

Web live chat room source

Using pure JS realized by the long polling Front end using Jquery AJAX to achieve 1 $(function () { 2 window.polling = { 3///connection address 4 connect...

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