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Linux video

In a Linux environment using V4L drivers USB camera collecting images in JPG format, and can be run by cross-compiling arm development boards and, of course, require that arm Development Board already has your USB camera driver...

Linux watchdog

To achieve the realization of LinuxwathLinux comes with a watchdog to monitor system operation, including the watchdog watchdog a kernel module and a user-space program. Watchdog module by/dev/watchdog the character device by the kernel and user-space communication. Once a user-space program to open...

Linux UVC camera acquisition and use under PC x264 encode to H264

In LinuxPC UVC cameras capture video with X264 compression to H264 format. This is just a junior program, but to achieve the function . For development of video under Linux Beginner help, to help understand common video development process...

Linux shell脚本学习代码

Linux shell脚本学习代码,从入门到精通,适合初学者学习...

Linux 上层AP访问memory

Linux 上层AP访问物理memory空间代码...

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