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Based on FPGA LCD1602 drivers

I ready to adopt LCD1602 Character LCD as a vehicle to achieve " Hello World" Displays. Similar to that in the preceding MCU key programme of eliminating jitter 1 c language code, like, here we are ready to state machines, transplant LCD1602 driver code to verilog hdl And driving LCD1602, show tha...

SDRAM Controller verilog source code

SDRAM core written using verilog hdl source code, test application-I used to write verilog hdl source of SDRAM core, the test application. Tested, stable use. If there is another bug or tests are not complete, you can email the original author. SDRAM core written using verilog hdl source code, test...

FPGA accumulator

This project is implemented in Quartus 2, altera company in DE2 board.... the design has a function to accumulate the given output... this has to be learn in basic coding in verilog hdl.. this is still so basic programming and it has to be enhance and improve.. Make it a more compl...

De2 lcd1602 display control

De2 development boards for easy control lcd1602 monitor shows the specified ASCII characters at the specified location, language is the verilog hdl....

The implementation of Viterbi encoder and decoder VLSI

Application background Forward Error Correction techniques are utilized for correction of errors at the receiver end. It is well known that data transmissions over wireless channels are affected by attenuation, distortion interference and noise, which affect the receiver’s ability to receive...

verilog test image

verilog language the raw test images, color, gradient, grayscale, and moving still....

verilog 按键消抖程序

使用verilog hdl 语言在cyclone IV 上实现功能按键控制灯,主要目的是实现按键的消抖程序,加深理解verilog hdl 语言的并行执行方式...

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