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UART sourcecode for AVR platform

A UART Library , the source file is written by elm-chan,but I added a function which makes u receive a string from the terminal. It's for AVR series, the used platform is ATMEGA64 but u can port it to any avr if u changes the #defines at the headerfile Hope it's useful...

Serial to parallel converter

Verilog code for converting serial data to parallel. The 8-bit serial data from rs232 port is converted to 8-bit parallel data....

UART tutorial

This is a tutorial for UART ccs compiler. Implementing simple and basis functions of a UART. this project was tested on PIC 16fxx and works well....

UART program

this program helps the starters of msp430 to make the microcontroller communicate with the system using UART....

Verilog LCD code

Application backgroundThis code can be used in the II Verilog VHDL QUARTus to write the LCD module and can be used in the DE2 simulation experiments!!Key TechnologyThis code can help beginners to use the LCD display on the FPGA display text and then make appropriate changes can be used in their own...

Verilog prepared with the USB2.0 source code

USB2.0 communication module based on Hdl Verilog language....

Verilog realization of PWM waves

Using Verilog language, through the observation of LED lights to achieve the PWM wave, the file containing the testbench file...

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