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delphi cutting the image dynamically drag the cut box to change the size of the image

Application background  delphi; image cutting program and source code     support for the mouse to drag the selected regionKey TechnologyThe delphi comes with  , which can be used to cut the image feature, and support dynamic drag to change the size of the cutting frame....

Bass delphi music player supports the display spectrum

Application background  delphi; use bass to produce a music player that supports the spectrum to display the synchronization   contains all the source code and the real column.Key TechnologyUsing the system   bass.dll production of the music player   and synchronous display spectr...

delphi Notepad to create the dynamic control and event generation, the rapid generation of serial number, date, random characters, etc.

Application background  delphi; Windows    ; dynamic creation of controls and events, all functions of Windows  , including source code and real columnKey TechnologySupport to generate characters, such as: date, serial number, random characters, password, etc., support batch of new...

delphi batch modify file name and suffix name

Application background  delphi; batch modify the file name and the name of the suffix   contains the source code and program demoKey TechnologySimple implementation of the code   file name suffix processing     the use of 3 party components to create a beautiful interface, th...

delphi image rotation arbitrary angle rotation of the mouse drag rotation

Application background  delphi; image rotation   arbitrary angle of rotation   the mouse to drag the rotation   including components and source codeKey Technologydelphi rotating image   production of rotating buttons and so on....

delphi art word effects

Application backgrounddelphi art word effects   effect   contains the source code and proceduresKey TechnologySpecial effect art word contains the source code and procedures delphi...

delphi cross the o..V2.0.

Application background  delphi; O.;  .V2.0; source code and program.Key Technologydelphi the different shape through the wire. Login interface. V2.0 source code and procedures O....

delphi Web page editing controls, very good

Good delphi Web page edit space, there's demo, is relatively well understood, is interested in a study...

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