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C # Web design

Environment of VS2008, unlikely to use SQLSever 2005,  the database   for site building and Web development with c #, this code applies only to beginners....

Web Browser

This is Web BRowser OF Java is like to the Chrome and Another of Browser so you can See tthis in he code...

Hotel Booking System Complete Web based room booking system for your hotel Website.

This is the Hotel Reserve system source code, is Complete Web-based reservation system...

A complete page design of Web page

You can easily learn how to design a Web page in html/css .it is very important method and easy source code to design the Web page. you will easily understand this code....

Web IP client PHP address was found

Application backgroundFor getting IP address of Web client and other details such as browser details etcKey TechnologyIP address tracing,finding Web client identity,php remote address finding ...

Web camera use

Application backgroundVB to get a Web camera resource. useE. J. Bantz Jr. '* Author:None use and distribute '* Copyright:, freely...'* E-Mail:'* Web: SendMessage Lib user32 "Declare" Alias "SendMessageA" (hWnd As Long ByVal, wMsg As Long ByVal, wParam A...

Web printing controls

Web printing controls, type ActiveX plug-in, it can cut output page content, and code generation complex printed page. The control features powerful, but simple and easy to use....

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