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Python TkInter GUI to examine/deal with comma-separated-values like data

This is a GUI a did back in 2009. The idea is that you can load one of 2 different format files which are, in fact, not necessarily, comma separated values (otherwise I should have used that Python library.) Example, one separator are "|", mixed with commas. I know this is veeery primitive, I...

Python equivalent of Unix Sendmail

This simple Python script allow to pipe a SMTP formatted text into it, quite like sendmail work in Unix, but will works crossed platform thanks to Python.Example usage under windows:type mymail.txt | Python sendmail.cfgThe sendmail.cfg file provided is an example on how to set target SMT...

Python 获取精确IP位址

Python 获取通过IP获得用户改IP对应的精确位置。精确到小区...

Python 基于django中间件实现的权限管理系统

Python 基于django中间件实现的权限管理系统...

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