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verilog hdl 实际工控项目源码 开发工具 altera quartus2

verilog hdl actual industrial projects source development tools altera quartus2...

verilog hdl Series and the preparation of the conversion. I used iout types. Inc...

verilog hdl Series and the preparation of the conversion. I used iout types. Includes source and test papers. Modsim compiler used....

verilog temperature control commands

verilog temperature control command realizes the temperature acquisition and operation, as well as other control  commands very well...

Traffic light verilog hdl source code

It is the source code of verilog hdl for a street light. The LED on the board represent the green, yellow and red light.After some fixed time, the LED will be on or off for the command. Besides, the time will be count backwards, and it will be shown on the screen of the  board. It is very...

hdl verilog how to use PID to achieve FPGA controller

Application backgroundThis paper is about the FPGA based fuzzy PID controller to achieve a detailed introduction of the hdl FPGA how to use PID to achieve verilog controller...

verilog implementation of 8 bit ahead carry adder

Application backgroundResource descriptionWith verilog implementation of the 8 carry carry adder, decompression is the word document, the source code in the document, the Modelsim has been verified...

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