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Python implementation reptiles

Python development of simple reptiles:;  ...

Very nice implemented computer game "Tic-Tac-Toe" in programming language Python

This is an amazing computer game: Tic-Tac-Toe.  This will be a showdown between your human brain and your silicon processor. This computer game is written in Python and this is a console version of the game. You will make your move known by entering a number, 0 - 8.  The number ...

Python data analysis and mining

Python is used for data analysis and mining, which is designed to import and add library....

Python based program aircraft war

Python based program world war aircraft, aircraft battle can control up, down, left, right, and bullets fired, similar to micro-aircraft, the most basic Python game, can look at the code, look at the game's concept and how to write a program that has been a great help for beginners....

Python wind download market data to PostgreSQL

Python wind download market data to PostgreSQL, small bug fixes in Chapter Award, you need to install wind interface...

program convert ke biner,octal,hexadesimal

program ini adalah code Python untuk convert bilangan desimal  ke biner,octal,hexadesimal...

Python student information management system management system source code

This program uses the Python code, original, opened after the first run the, then enter the account password (admin,admin) to get into the system. Program may be small, but functional enough, including information to modify, add, delete, update, and so on....

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