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the TBMDThread is a native VCL component

Do you need to write a multithreaded application? Are you annoyed of writing lines and lines of code for thread synchronization and CriticalSections for data protection? Would you believe that the thread is just a click away? Well, here it is, the TBMDThread is a native VCL component implementing ev...

delphiPI 0.78 delphi control installation tools

delphi third-party control to install the tool, very easy to use, not to try very hard to guess how to do. The author stopped long time no update, recently updated. This is the latest version, came over the wall to find out....

ip Proxy

ip proxy source code for proxy change an application build base on delphi 7...

Preview the DWG file version of delphi

In the forum only to find the c # version of the sample, then do a delphi example...


OPC+delphi+COM口实际应用 上位机软件,连接西门子PLC,数据库SQL。 定制化开发的OPC客户端。实现数据库查询批量修改OPC地址。...

Play list em delphi

Sistema de radio com playlit em delphi, com lista de reprodução...



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