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Non-restoring divider

verilog code for a fixed point non-restoring divider for performing division of two 8-bit numbers. It works for unsigned numbers....

verilog Jpeg Encoder

This core takes as an input the red, green, and blue pixel values, like from a tiff image file, and creates the JPEG bit stream necessary to build a jpeg image. The core was written in generic, regular verilog code that can be targeted to any FPGA. The core does not rely on any proprietary IP cores,...

verilog uart 115200

Using serial port UART transmission module written in verilog, sending rate to 115200, input clock for 50m for many years validation without errors...

verilog design water lights

Under water lights in the verilog language module Design. Are the clock pulses + counters +LED control...

verilog examples

Learn verilog Common programming methods and examples. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog codes

Below file includes various rtl codes like, gull adder, defparam example, it also includes, bit operator, logic operator and many operators , half adders, muxes, demuxes.. this may help you in understanding the whole concepts in verilog....

Synchronous FIFO Design verilog code

verilog Design code for Synchronous FIFO.The Verification Env can be built around it in SV or UVM.The Data width is 8 bits and FIFO Depth is 2^3 = 8...

verilog realization of PWM waves

Using verilog language, through the observation of LED lights to achieve the PWM wave, the file containing the testbench file...

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