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Client Side Web Application Primer

I plan to share my experiment with client side application and MVC backend. In this sample, as many other Web site before I use many 3rd party libraries (hint: look at README / package list: EntityFramework (Extended), jQuery, Knockout, chosen, bootstrap, datatables). But I don’t plan to dwell muc...

Web development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development

Web Webpage development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development. The front end can be published and show the desire,the desire to achieve the background (data) additions and deletions.Using an integrated develop...

PHP and MySQL+Web development (formerly the 4th Edition)-source code

PHP and MySQL+Web development (formerly the 4th Edition)-source code...

Web Browser

simple Web browser for mini project of computer science students..............created in vb.netits very easy to learn...

Migrate from WCF Rest Services to Web API 2- Basics of Attribute Routing

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:RaviAakula@CodeProjectThere are many applications written in WCF Rest Framework. As new clients (mobile) request more new features to be supported like JSON vs XML or Authentication, we should require migrating them to new Web API Framework without breaking e...

Comparison of Load Balancing Strategies on Cluster-based Web Servers

a cluster based Web server employing various load balancing strategies such as RoundRobin (RR), Least Connection (LC) and Least Loaded (LL) and compared the performance metrics likequeuing delay, server response time, and server utilization. We found that cluster can give greaterefficiency than a si...

Slider and 2 tab interface on a application Web-based

It is a homepage which implement static slider and it also feature tab that is simply the contain in a homepage.It is intended for Web designer or other which need how to implement static slider on a application Web....

a component based Web Framework of java

a so simple Web Framework for java, with flexible and dynamic feature,it is somewhat like,the core idea is simple and pure,you can handle it go-as-you-please!...

Web-based online survey system source code

Web-based online survey system source code, which includes the database files, source code. After matching the Java environment can run...

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