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blast testing program, the price ZF, MMSE, ZF-SIC, MMSE-SIC detection algorithm in the performance of four...

Channel Estimation of OFDM signals using MMSE

Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) estimator describes the approach which minimizes the mean square error (MSE), which is a common measure of estimator quality.The MMSE estimator is then defined as the estimator achieving minimal MSE. In our approach to estimating the channel utiliz...


OFDM channel estimation, traditional LS/LMMSE/MMSE performance of channel estimation method for Comparison, proven code after debugging is available, very helpful friends to the study of OFDM channel estimation....

Conventional detection methods for MIMO systems

2 transmit antennas and MIMO system consisting of 2 receive antennas using 16QAM modulation in Rayleigh channel conditions, through ZF and MMSE, ZF-SIC, MMSE-SIC and other testing methods of BER performance Comparison...

MIMO signal detection

Application backgroundGood use of MIMO technology is dependent on the receiving end of the rapid and accurate signal detection technology, the detection algorithm both low complexity and high detection performance, providing signal detection algorithm matlab implementation is very necessary.Key Tech...

MIMO system ZF algorithm MMSE algorithm

Application backgroundIn the detection of the MIMO signal receiving end, the signal is detected, and the estimated value of the signal is estimated, and the error probability is calculated.Key TechnologyZF detection algorithm MMSE,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,,  ,  ,  , &nbs...

pre-rec.m and ROC curves

Application backgroundprecision ratio (P), recall ratio, referred to as R, using precision and recall metrics can be for each a retrieval retrieval efficiency evaluation and provide scientific basis for retrieval of the adjustment and improvement. By using these two quantitative indicators, the perf...

MMSE 2D channel estimation

Application backgroundCommunication system time-varying channel system modeling, OFDM 2 dimension MMSE channel estimation algorithm simulation, using relay fading channel. This channel modeling can be applied to OFDM systems and MIMO system, can also be extended to the MIMO system in a large scale...



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