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遗传规划算法的VC程序实现 智能算法:遗传规划,即关于GP的VC代码程序,在项目文件中包含了GP的程序设计代码和经典问题求解程序。可以参考该程序进行遗传规划...

genetic programming algorithm for the VC program Intelligent Algorithm : genetic programming, on the VC GP code procedures, the project document contains GP programming code and classic problem solving process. Can refer to the procedures of genetic planning process design work for their graduation...

Intelligent algorithm for case program, you can run

A total of 30 includes intelligent algorithms of the file source file, related to: genetic algorithms, neural networks, fish, particle swarm algorithms, Ant Colony algorithms, quantum algorithms, optimization immune algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm. Program notes detail....

PSO solution of PID controller

This code is the use of standard Particle Swarm Optimization for PID controller parameters optimization, this procedure using MATLAB Simulink and MATLAB programming to solve, and got a very good result, the optimal solution of the initial value of each particle as a pID controller, and iteration, op...

Intelligent algorithms for MATLAB super learning manual

The MATLAB algorithms super learning manual CD attached with the books, the manual of intelligent algorithms for MATLAB super learning contents on Markov chain model, AHP, Particle Swarm Optimization, genetic algorithms, Ant Colony algorithms, algorithm, neural network PID control algorithm, algorit...

Firefly algorithm

Firefly algorithm. . Junior. . Reference for everyone to learn. . Cambridge University XS Yang Dr. luminous abstract behavior of fireflies, firefly algorithm proposed in 2007 that the algorithm is a new meta-heuristic swarm intelligence algorithms....

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