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verilog prepared practical multi

verilog prepared practical multi-function electronic Table...

code verilog cordic core

A 100% behavioral implementation of a cordic core. The core is highly configurable through `defines. A testbench is included. See the included manual for details...

verilog txtLCD, segment, dot-matrix test

there is very basical test codes of using txtLCD, segment and is based on verilog codes, and use the arm-9 device by Quartus42.Thanks....

verilog digital stopwatch

Design ideas through a digital stopwatch count circuit, first on a different clock divider and crossover the clocks are then given to the module, Ms counters, seconds counter, minute counter, hour counter, and then decoding circuit for digital control, show the number. Specific action is designed vi...

111 classic instances of verilog

verilog HDL is a hardware description language used to countLaw level, the structure level, gate-level switch level a variety of abstract designHierarchy modeling of digital systems. the complexity of system objects by modeling of digital switchesCircuit (for example, PMOs/NMOS), simple (for exam...

verilog I2C

Application background hi this is a verilog code ^_^ this is a verilog code ^_^ this is a verilog code ^_^ this is a verilog code ^_^ Key Technology verilog is very good for me verilog is very good for me verilog is very good for me...

Sequence detector based on verilog

Using the state machine to write a sequence detector, you can modify the need to detect the sequence of ideas!...

16points FFT verilog

16-point FFT algorithm based on verilog code, serial-input, quartusII have run successfully....

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