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VC++DES encryption and decryption algorithm

This is a c++ based DES encryption algorithms including VC source code: 1. the selector function 2. key; key 16-round loop function 3.DES encryption function 4.DES decrypt function Specify source code explained very clearly, including functions, parameter description, i...

LZW compression

it is an efficient algorithm for compression.  we can encrypt the word or number and then decrypt the word efficiently without any data loss and also memory efficiency improved lot....

Crypto Graphy Code

This is my cryptography algorithm Algorithm.In this algorithm i have used to hash algorithm.This algorithm is not reverse or decrypt and not possible....

PHP DES Implementation

encrypt using single DES (with an 8 byte key) in CBC mode with the given input vector and PKCS7 padding des ("8bytekey", "This is the message.", 1, 1, "inputvec", 1); encrypt using triple DES (with a 24 byte key) in ECB mode des ("this is a 24 byte key !!", "This is the message.", 1); decrypt u...

A simple and easy to use encryption and decryption software (application) dscrypt

A simple file encryption and decryption tool, very convenient, simple algorithm but the program rigorous,  very suitable for beginners to learn, which is its application, the interface is simple and fresh, the operation  is very simple to build, change the encryption and decryp...

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