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Webpy  by Daniel warts develop Python Web Framework support for FCGI SCGI WSGI HTTP server interfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Java Web Forum

Realize the Forum registration, log in, post, reply function, administrators of the entire Forum maintenance functions. Database is sql2008, suitable for beginners to learn and understand Java Web....

Web javascript

Web application programming, remote control,  Web UI, JavaScript, intelligent home....

Web development, implementation simple blog system

Web development, implementation simple blog system. Reception show blog list page, blog content pages. Background, including blog post, update, delete.Use an integrated development environment for wampserver, while the system is based on Thinkphp Framework for development. Implementation includes ba...

This is an Web Framework to build a coffee shop with html/css

Web Framesork for build an online coffee shop with html/css. Many content you can add from this code....

Web Browser

This is a Web browser in java language.By describing how to show an html,css etc pages in a Web browserhow to open local files in a Web browser.How to enable and disable forward and previous page button as per the display of page.All these things can be smoothly understand after seeing this browser...

Mell.js-their own JS Framework

Their own JS Framework, different from the traditional Framework. Based on process management rather than object-oriented. The Framework is a process-oriented management Framework. Object-oriented Framework for more efficient, less system resources, more controllable, more suitable for screen use....

E-shopping Web Application Source Code in C#.Net

An E-shopping Web application coded in C#.Net that provides all functionalities to user as provided by e-commerce sites now-a-days. User gets tha login and sign up facility, gets to choose his/her desired items and order the same. Graphic images of the items on display helps in giving a realistic to...

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