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DELPHI Control DELPHI dial

DELPHI Control DELPHI dial-up dial-up Control...

DELPHI Control installation steps Elaborates on Componet

DELPHI Control installation steps Elaborates on Componet-- gt; Install component...

Image DELPHI Control to support GIF images to play GIF animation

Application backgroundImage DELPHI Control supports GIF image playback   let the form play GIF animation   support for playing       speed and so on.Key TechnologyImage support GIF Image GIF animation to play to form support play pause and subtract speed etc Contains all the...

DELPHI implementation of the mail to receive and parse

DELPHI realization of the mail receiving and analysis, the function can be used to test, to provide you with the use of learning...

DELPHI.MlSkin. perfect imitation QQ landing interface

DELPHI.MlSkin. perfect imitation QQ landing interface, install the edit this file, please download the skin skin Control....

DELPHI's small dynamic map

DELPHI's small dynamic map. JumpingJack. A small program, boring to do in free time to play Very interesting....

Spider Container Persistent DELPHI Control

Spider Container DELPHI Control for Algorithm. Full source....

DELPHI-three-tier ADO database source code


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