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performance analysis of non

performance analysis of non-data aided SBIB receivers for CDMA systems....

Simulation Modeling And Analysis

Simulation Modeling And Analysis- Third Edition- Averill M Law-W David Kelton-McgrawHill...

Network Coding Theory Author: RaymondYeung, S.

Network Coding Theory Author: RaymondYeung, S.-YR Li, N. CaiandZ. Zhang...

For the most popular network coding techniques, Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing seve...

For the most popular network coding techniques, Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing several large cattle write a basic knowledge described in the book, classic!...

Network coding

Network Coding is a promosing technique for communication systems in which analoge and digital Network Coding is used to get a higher throughput for the system ...

Simulation UsingMatlab Bit-Error-Rate

Application backgroundIs an ideal tool for simulating digital communications systems thanks, to MatlabEasy scripting language and excellent data visualization capabilities. One of the itsFrequent Simulation tasks in the field of digital communications is bit-error- mostTesting of modems. The bit-err...

Simulation of network_coding performance

Application backgroundGenerated networks selecting, one node as source and some nodes as receivers in InRandom (source multicast network single), make performance test for network weBased multicast route algorithm coding (put forward it ourselves we, to correspondingMulticast rate and low multicast...

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