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Under linux USB storage device detection

linux detect USB storage devices, including mobile hard disk U disk, supports hot plug detect and systems have been installed removable storage access...

Analysis of Qt programming example

Qt   various programming examples  LINUX, Android, source, source with the book         for beginners                           &n...

Linux serial programs written using plain c

This program is written in pure c under Linux like minicom serial procedures, can automatically identify access to computer transfer is a serial port or a USB serial port....

Simple home control system based on Linux-ARM

Use of motor modules, motor modules can be used as an air conditioner or fan, temperature and humidity using a temperature sensor to automatically control the operation to get the motor, household intelligent spreadsheet functions, and the use of LCD lights to achieve the study's inspirational state...

From the simple to the complex driver code

The driving code, from simple to complex, character-driven, and block device drivers, network device drivers, simple and easy to understand code examples. 1th_buttons_poll,2th_signal_app3th_buttons_fasync 4th_lcd 5th_led_mmap 6th_led_bus_device_driver 7th_buttons_input8th_ts 9th_usb...

Python calls C

Python c sample code used in this example is called cTYPES module, direct calls to dynamic libraries for c code file. Refer to the operating environment: Python 3.4...

Wireless tools.29 source code

Set of tools to configure your wireless interface in Linux systems, open source code, can be configured for WiFi access through open source code and modify the...

Bank Queuing software

Application backgroundBank Queuing software, suitable for just learning Linux friends, in the Linux to achieve the queuing function, can be used as a studyKey TechnologyLinux programming, combined with the development of QT software for beginners, learning from the use of C language development, can...

Libpcap source code

Application backgroundLipcap source code with lipcap super good with lipcap source code with super good with lipcap source code with super good with lipcap source code with lipcap super good with lipcap source code with lipcap super good use source code with lipcap super good use lipcap source codeK...

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