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Delphi using USB high

Delphi using USB high-speed data acquisition and graphic printing source code...

Delphi Chinese characters conversion Pinyin function unit to call more convenient to include the source code

Application backgroundDelphi & nbsp; Chinese characters to Pinyin Pinyin in multiple formats support, such as the alphabet size writing, and spelling size writing on & nbsp; contains program and unit files & nbsp; easy to use & nbsp; worthy of collection & nbsp;Key TechnologyKanji conversion phoneti...

Delphi implementation of the mail to receive and parse

Delphi realization of the mail receiving and analysis, the function can be used to test, to provide you with the use of learning...

USB and VGA interface, VHD language, engineering documents, can be directly used to open the ISE

USB and VGA interface FPGA program, the main control chip for the SP3e company's Xilinx series 500E chip, VHD language, engineering documents, you can directly open the ISE...

Delphi.MlSkin. perfect imitation QQ landing interface

Delphi.MlSkin. perfect imitation QQ landing interface, install the edit this file, please download the skin skin control....

Delphi's small dynamic map

Delphi's small dynamic map. JumpingJack. A small program, boring to do in free time to play Very interesting....

Delphi multiple USB cameras working simultaneously

A computer can have only one camera, modified work and research can be multiple USB cameras at the same time, Delphi calls multiple USB camera work at a computer using only one camera, modified work and research can be multiple USB cameras at the same time, Delphi calling multiple USB cameras workin...

USB Wifi driver source code

USB Wifi driver source code, supporting ralink3070 3370 5370 5372, ralink3070 3370 5370 5372 support WPS, supports should be used for the project, is also learning linuxUSB good thing to drive network driver...

Delphi-three-tier ADO database source code


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