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performance analysis of non

performance analysis of non-data aided SBIB receivers for CDMA systems....

simulation of performance of equalizer MMSE and ZF with technology MIMO

simulation of performance of equalizer MMSE and ZF with technology MIMO...

MMSE channel estimation analysis equalizer for ofdm channel capacity analysis

This is really good code for MMSE channel estimation  for ofdm channel capacity analysis  u can enjoy it,this is the better channel estimation technique compared to others...

LS MMSE ofdm channel estimation

 it is a ls & MMSE ofdm channel estimation matlab source code that use pilot symbols for estimate the channel.It also analyse and compare the BER and MSE of ls and MMSE channel estimation metheds....

ZF/MMSE Comparison pre-coding

performance and simulation of MMSE performance of ZF precoding, intended to compare the different performances of the same Snr. Researchers have found a number of precoding algorithms, I want to choose several different precoding algorithms for simulation through significantly increased the number o...

Simulation of network_coding performance

Application backgroundGenerated networks selecting, one node as source and some nodes as receivers in InRandom (source multicast network single), make performance test for network weBased multicast route algorithm coding (put forward it ourselves we, to correspondingMulticast rate and low multicast...

Comparison of various beamforming pre encoding performance (ZF, BD, MMSE, SLNR,, MF, MIMO, SVD,)

Application backgroundbeamforming is one of the key technologies of MIMO. Multiuser MIMO system has multi-user interference and multi antenna interference, beamforming technology can effectively inhibit the interference, in the channel of simultaneous transmission of multi-channel parallel data stre...

MMSE Calculation

To calculate minimum mean square error MMSE blind detection this code is useful...

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