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real-time Digtal Signal processing, Implementations, Applications, and Experiments with the Tms320C55X This book introduces the theory of digital signal processing, as well as the realization of digital signal processing platform....


real-time Shader Programming...


real-time signal processing ((eWiley) real-time Digital Signal processing) is very good teaching...

real time OS presentaion. Gives detail descripton of the RTOS and design conside...

real time OS presentaion. Gives detail descripton of the RTOS and design considerations to be looked into while designing the embedded system...

Application of real time data stream processing in the data of ants

Application backgroundAfter a period of planning and preparation, CodeForge technology Sharon finally meet with you! We are committed to create a borderless technology exchange and sharing platform, the majority of the technical service for the lovers, to promote the exchange of the circle of local...

A pattern for real-time web Application architecture

Few years ago only lazy didn’t say about bringing desktop Application experience to the web ones. However in reality, it just meant that user actions didn’t always required page reload, but could change page UI dynamically. As for other Application events, they were not controlled dynamically....

A tool to plot real time data over serial port.

SimPlot SimPlot is a simple real time data visualization tool. This tool plots real time data from serial port. Check out the project home page for more information and video of the tool in action....

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