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NET- SNMP development kits to the source code, along the whole things, it may be compiled, it is worth looking ah...

.NET SQL Server Stored Procedure Data Access Layer

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge   Author:Peter Piotti @ CodeprojectMany developers do all of their data access through stored procedures, either by choice or by mandate. This is a clean, simple alternative to using the Entity Framework for stored procedure data access in a .NET/SQL Serv...

Pivot Grid in Asp.NET MVC

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Anurag Gandhi@CodeProject A Grid/Report control in Asp.NET MVC with pivot optionUsing the codeTo use the code, you just need to add the reference to the ReportControl assembly. Then, you can directly use the code in your view as follows:@Model.ReportWithPivot...

.NET c# online bookstore management system

. NET web development of online bookstore management system source code and database (front and back) all have, 2008 development tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2008+Microsoft SQL server can achieve management books, buy books, order processing and other modules.....

VB.NET+SQLServer verify that the log on password

VB.NET+SQLServer verify that the log on password, suitable for beginners, from SQLServer database, obtain user name, fill in the combox, users enter a password, for authentication....

... NET audio open source c # code for audio software development

... NET audio open source c # code for audio software development for foreign source code, can be used for graphical display of audio, playback functions....

Office OA intelligent system NET+MSSQL

System integrates internal e-mail, information and announcement, schedule arrangement, work report and work flow, document flow issue and receipt, the electronic seal and electronic signature, address book, forums, polls, chat room, cloud computing handwritten board, CRM, NETwork hard disk, short me...

... NET across fields to upload files or images

The example code for the. NET file upload operations. NET Web projects using file upload and download, we can package this as a service, follow-up is not iterative development, once deployed the service, New Web projects simply use the IFRAME just told me the upload interface reference But in refe...

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