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Qt jinshan drug gangsters interface

Qt similar jinshan drug gangsters interface, of which the picture is good, if you want to development suited to their own interface, need to modify the program, and images....

Qt implementation of data acquisition

For embedded data is collected at the bottom, through the Qt had a interface, real-time displays data collected at the bottom, and constantly refreshed by opening the driver, to get information, suitable for beginners...

QTflappy bird program source code

The flappy bird is from Viet Nam's work developed by independent game developer Dong Nguyen, a game in which the player must control a bird across various obstacles made up of pipes with different lengths, this program is modelled after the game....

MFC Serial assistant

Serial assistant source code developed using MFC VC ++ 6.0, use the serial port control Scomn, the next crew for PC communication...

Desktop clock

1. the basic techniques for UI development, packaging and management of code, and includes development of the dialog class, interface, threading, dual-caching technology, control technology, basic skills, is the MFC project practice of good code....

Bearing vibration signal data acquisition and data analysis in time and frequency domain

Bearing vibration signal data acquisition and data analysis in time and frequency domain, interface, very easy to use, we learn ... ......

Qt countdown alarm clock

Application backgroundA desktop countdown tips small software.With memory function.Key TechnologyC++ Qt combined with signal slot technology, access to time count, as there are configuration file settings and read, with a more complete memory. Have a certain reference value....

Student information management system

Application backgroundStudent information management system is a typical management information system (MIS), its development mainly includes the backstage database the establishment and maintenance, and front-end application development two aspects. For the former requirement to establish data cons...

windows anti-rootkit tool

ScDetective 目前已经由 GitHub 托管: 界面开发:VS2008 + MFC 驱动开发:VS2005 + ddkwizard DDK版本:7600.16385.1 调试工具:Windbg + VirtualKD + VMware 测试版本:xpsp3 + windows7 完成时间:2010.12 “ 驱动包...

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