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DICOM three dimensional reconstruction and display

Read the DICOM files using ImageJ package, (all contour outline and then get pictures, just modify the shape of value). Finally, the cubic parametric interpolation of three-dimensional reconstruction, and rotation transformation, projection transformation, color transformation for observation of the...

Medical image segmentation based on Clustering

This procedure for the M file, the operating environment for the MATLAB, can also be converted to C++ through the MATLAB operation. Realization of function: can realize the automatic segmentation of medical image!...

K-Means clustering algorithm

Code: 788 points into 7 classes (using Matlab)...

[MATLAB algorithm analysis of 30 case]

[MATLAB algorithm analysis of 30 cases]. Shi Feng works, is southern Publishing House, which has a detailed code, suits the beginner to use...

"Fine" encyclopedia of mathematical modeling algorithm MATLAB algorithm analysis of 30 case PDF+ source code

Algorithm of mathematical modeling MATLAB intelligent algorithm PDF+ 30 case analysis of the source code...



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