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OpenSSL programming

This is a learning personal best OpenSSL programming document, which also contains a lot of code is written in c language....

Serial communication program development using Pcomm Pro

It is a big headache for programmers to develop serial communication program using C++ Builder in Win9x. You need to understand many complicated API functions and  the method of multi-thread programming. Thankfully that some companies developed some serial communication program development tool...

MODBUS Server VB example

Using vb to write modbus example, to achieve 1-4 modbus function. Array display.excel spreadsheet import and export functions....

jquery Version Small Wedding(blessings can be added dynamically)

jquery Version Wedding(blessings can be added dynamically)scene I:there are two functions: control the left image and let the text display gradually on the rightscene II: Characters show up on the left, followed by the text scene III:Image displays in bounce, using "for  "loop to...

Java Tutorial and Instances(English Version)

Table of Contents   Context   Computers and Software systems ComputersSystem Software System Systems programs and systems programmers – a possible source of confusionComputer programming languageSoftware development activities Computers and Software Sys...


Postman helps you be more efficient while working with APIs. Postman is a scratch-your-own-itch project. The need for it arose while one of the developers was creating an API for his project. After looking around for a number of tools, nothing felt just right. The primary features added initial...

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C:Second Edition

Second EdtionSolution ManualMark Allen WeissFlorida International UniversityIncluded in this manual are answers to most of the exercises in the textbook Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, second edition, published by Addison-WesleyTable of Contents1. Chapter 1: Introduction  12. Chapt...

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C:Second Edition(Chinese Version)

Data Structures,Algorithm Analysis, C: in Chinese and the solution manual in EnglishTable of Contents1. Chapter 1: Introduction  12. Chapter 2: Algorithm Analysis  43. Chapter 3: Lists, Stacks, and Queues  74. Chapter 4: Trees .. 145. Chapter 5: Hashing  256. Chapter 6: Prio...

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