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			unit UnitCamera;


  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
  Dialogs, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls;
  TGetCameraList = function(): PChar; stdcall;
  TSetCameraID = function(const value: Integer): integer; stdcall;
  TStartCamera = function(const Handle: HWND): integer; stdcall;
  TCloseCamera = function(const hWndC: HWND): integer; stdcall;
  TCamera = record


  TFormCamera = class(TForm)
    btn1: TButton;
    pnl1: TPanel;
    procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btn1Click(Sender: TObject);
 Private declarations 
    dllhwnd: HWND;
    SetCameraID: TSetCameraID;
    CloseCamera: TCloseCamera;
    StartCamera: TStartCamera;
 Public declarations 
    AppPath: string;

  FormCamera: TFormCamera;


uses UnitMain;
  //function TSetCameraID(const value: Integer): integer;stdcall; external 'Camera.dll';
  //function TStartCamera(const Handle: HWND): integer; stdcall; external 'Camera.dll';
$R *.dfm

procedure TFormCamera.FormCreate(S
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Camera0.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
Camera1.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
Camera2.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
Camera3.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
Camera4.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
Camera5.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
ico.ico9.44 kB2016-06-16|16:39
MultipleCameras.cfg638.00 B2016-06-21|14:12
MultipleCameras.dof4.89 kB2016-06-21|14:12
MultipleCameras.dpr210.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
MultipleCameras.exe539.50 kB2016-06-21|15:02
MultipleCameras.gif77.00 B2016-06-21|15:03
MultipleCameras.res10.16 kB2016-06-21|14:12
MultipleCameras.stat163.00 B2016-06-16|16:49
MultipleCameras.~dpr210.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.dcu4.94 kB2016-06-21|14:12
UnitCamera.ddp51.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.dfm709.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.pas1.63 kB2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.~ddp51.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.~dfm709.00 B2016-06-16|16:39
UnitCamera.~pas1.64 kB2016-06-16|16:39
UnitMain.dcu15.05 kB2016-06-21|14:12
UnitMain.ddp51.00 B2016-06-21|14:12
UnitMain.dfm2.51 kB2016-06-16|16:39
UnitMain.pas11.20 kB2016-06-21|14:12
UnitMain.~ddp51.00 B2016-06-21|14:08
UnitMain.~dfm2.51 kB2016-06-16|16:39
UnitMain.~pas11.17 kB2016-06-21|14:08
VedioCapture.dll520.00 kB2016-06-16|16:39
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