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  • By xuhongyanphp 2016-05-19
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			function d = ddv(varargin)
% DDV - Constructor for the class ddv, a sub class of the gen class.
% The constructor can be called in two ways:
% ddv('name',value_1,value_2,etc..) where 'name' is a string identifying
% the variable and value_1, value_2 etc. are the possible values that
% the discrete variable can assume.  
% ddv('name',[value_1 value_2 etc..]) here 'name' is as before but
% the possible values are suppplied in a vector.  
% There is no need  for supplpiyng the coding bits since this is
% determined by the possible values that the variable can assume.    
% Calling the constructor without any argument creates an "empty" variable.
switch nargin
 case 0
  d = class(d,'ddv',gen);
 case 1
  if isa(varargin{
    error('wrong argument')
 case 2
  if ~isa(varargin{
    error('You must specify the the i
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sort.m370.00 B28-04-07|18:21
std.m562.00 B28-04-07|18:21
tagem.m220.00 B28-04-07|18:21
ddv.m1.40 kB28-04-07|18:21
display.m271.00 B28-04-07|18:21
get.m342.00 B28-04-07|18:21
set.m277.00 B28-04-07|18:21
convert.m312.00 B28-04-07|18:21
display.m131.00 B28-04-07|18:21
eq.m303.00 B28-04-07|18:21
find.m286.00 B28-04-07|18:21
gen.m612.00 B28-04-07|18:21
get.m1.11 kB28-04-07|18:21
init.m823.00 B28-04-07|18:21
isempty.m205.00 B28-04-07|18:21
ne.m311.00 B28-04-07|18:21
plus.m1.00 kB28-04-07|18:21
bin2int.m93.00 B28-04-07|18:21
set.m1.09 kB28-04-07|18:21
children.m796.00 B28-04-07|18:21
cload.m2.90 kB28-04-07|18:21
Contents.m2.15 kB28-04-07|18:21
csave.m1.86 kB28-04-07|18:21
load_chrom.m1.12 kB28-04-07|18:21
load_mut.m742.00 B28-04-07|18:21
logbook.m614.00 B28-04-07|18:21
mailme355.35 kB28-04-07|18:21
mailme.m265.00 B28-04-07|18:21
morph.m1.44 kB28-04-07|18:21
mutate.m1.03 kB28-04-07|18:21
parents.m6.60 kB28-04-07|18:21
probmut.m2.10 kB28-04-07|18:21
save_chrom.m1.93 kB28-04-07|18:21
ui_chrom.m4.67 kB28-04-07|18:21
ui_gen.m8.41 kB28-04-07|18:21
ui_mutate.m2.24 kB28-04-07|18:21
private0.00 B03-06-07|15:47
@cdv0.00 B03-06-07|15:47
@chrom0.00 B03-06-07|15:47
@ddv0.00 B03-06-07|15:47
@gen0.00 B03-06-07|15:47
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