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1 introduction<br>
the .reg file format is used by regedit, the program supplied with windows 3.x,<br>
windows 95, and windows nt, to import and export settings from the registry.<br>
note that i will not explain what the registry is, how it works, or what it can<br>
be used for. there are other documents describing the registry and it's most<br>
interesting parts all over the net - check out some of the links at the end of<br>
this document. also, i will not provide you with information on regedit for<br>
windows 3.x - i know that it exists, but not if it's format is in any way like<br>
the regedit of 95/nt. besides, the registry is much less interesting on windows<br>
2 description<br>
the file is formatted as plain ascii text. every line is ended with a cr/lf<br>
2.1 header<br>
it starts with regeditx, where x is regedit's version number - on 95/nt, it's<br>
4, making the string regedit4.<br>
this is also the only part of the file actually checked by regedit when it's<br>
importing - if the file contains any formatting errors, regedit will not notify<br>
you and simply skip the settings that contain errors.<br>
in particular, regedit will pretty much accept anything as long as it starts<br>
with regeditx, and ignore anything erroneous. yes, that does add up to the<br>
microsoft stupid mistakes list.<br>
2.2 keys <br>
key names are exported as they are encountered, but need not be in any order.<br>
subkeys are explicitly named. for example, if you had the key<br>
hkey_classes_root\clsid and it's subkey<br>
} (which<br>
represents the classid of the control panel, by the way), they would be<br>
exported as:<br>
for a key name to be valid, it must start with one of the root key names:<br>
hkey_classes_root, hkey_current_user, hkey_local_machine, hkey_users,<br>
hkey_current_config and hkey_dyn_data.<br>
a key name may only contain printable ascii characters (that is, characters<br>
with values from 32 through 127) and may not contain spaces, backslashes \ or<br>
the wildcards * and ?.<br>
every key name is followed by it's values, starting on the line directly<br>
following it. the list of values is terminated with an empty line, and may be<br>
empty itself. <br>
for example:<br>
if a key is specified which does not exist, it is created, along with any<br>
parent keys that do not exist. for example, if the key<br>
hkey_users\jeroen\test\subkey is specified, and only the key hkey_users\jeroen<br>
exists, the key hkey_users\jeroen\test is also created.<br>
note that you cannot delete keys or values - you can only add them if they<br>
don't already exist, or modify them if they do.<br>
2.3 values<br>
there are three kinds of values in the registry: strings, binary values, and<br>
dwords. they represent a collection of characters, a collection of bytes, and a<br>
32-bit integer, respectively.<br>
values consist of a name, enclosed in quotes &quot;&quot;, followed by an equal sign = ,<br>
followed by the value value (there's no other way to put it).<br>
every key, even if created empty, contains at least one string value - this is<br>
the value shown as (default) in regedit. to set it's value, use @ as the value<br>
name, and omit the usual quotes around the value name.<br>
@=&quot;this is the default value.&quot;<br>
2.3.1 strings<br>
strings may be any size. they are represented within quotes &quot;&quot;, and contain<br>
normal ascii characters.<br>
the quote &quot; and backslash \ are also allowed in strings - however, they must be<br>
represented as \&quot; and \\, respectively. also, regedit can import and export all<br>
non-ascii characters except for linefeed (or newline, ascii code 10). should a<br>
linefeed end up in a string, regedit will export this as a real newline,<br>
splitting the string in two lines. when reimporting this string, regedit will<br>
only read the first line. the moral of the story: don't store linefeeds in<br>
examples of strings:<br>
2.3.2 binary values<br>
binary values are used where strings and dwords fail. they can be used to<br>
represent any type of data. they are represented as hex:xx,yy,zz where xx,yy<br>
and zz are hexadecimal representations of single bytes. they may be any length.<br>
lengthy binary values can be divided into multiple lines using the c line<br>
separator \. for example:<br>
also take note that this is only allowed with binary values. in particular, you<br>
cannot divide strings this way. and yes, this is pretty stupid.<br>
although i usually ignore microsoft, they recommend you shouldn't store more<br>
than around two kilobytes of binary data at most, and i agree with them for<br>
example of binary values:<br>
<br> types of binary values<br>
along with 'regular' binary values, there are also some special types of data<br>
which regedit represents as special binary values, like this:<br>
where type is a number ranging from zero to ten in the current versions of<br>
windows, as follows:<br>
type name <br>
0 reg_none <br>
1 reg_sz <br>
2 reg_expand_sz<br>
3 reg_binary <br>
4 reg_dword, reg_dword_little_endian<br>
5 reg_dword_big_endian<br>
6 reg_link<br>
7 reg_multi_sz<br>
8 reg_resource_list<br>
9 reg_full_resource_descriptor <br>
10 reg_resource_requirements_list<br>
<br> reg_none<br>
reg_none means 'no defined value type'. no, i don't know what it's good for -<br>
reg_binary is already a catch-all type for everything that has no type. perhaps<br>
it's used for values that have no contents, although i can't imagine what that<br>
would be good for.<br>
<br> reg_sz<br>
a null-terminated string. this is the same as the string type, represented as<br>
bytes. for example, these definitions are equal:<br>
see also 2.3.1, strings.<br>
<br> reg_expand_sz<br>
a null-terminated string that contains unexpanded references to environment<br>
variables. when an application reads this string from the registry, it can 
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