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			15 Mar 2005 - JoshyFun

! Another hot fix. Confirmed today was not my day :( Solved the "'' is not a
  valid number' message when adding EMMs to the EMM list processed or not.

----Version 2.49----------------------------------------------------------------

15 Mar 2005 - JoshyFun

! Emergency Fix. A new added function to PMCAM but not available to be used
  right now (it's not finished) may hang up PMCAM in some channels and from
  time to time. Due internal thread protect system it does not hang the whole
  application but it becomes unusable.

----Version 2.48----------------------------------------------------------------

11 Mar 2005 - JoshyFun

! Solved problems with MyTheater, SkyView and others ?
+ Now PMCAM can handle several EMM/SN EMM/PPUA PIDs at the same time, all EMMs
  for the providers in the card will be handled (needed for V 9.0 activation).
+ If PMCAM is started without any card in the phoenix and the EMM processing
  is active all SECA PIDs will be opened for logging purposes.
+ Added experimental support for EMM/G ins on table 0x83 (conversion to SECA
  ins not tested). thanks to DVDInside for discovering them. Currently only
  used in new V 9.0 cards.
+ New oprtion in log engine to grab INS directed to all cards.
~ Slight changes in the UI to accomodate new EMM process system.

----Version 2.46----------------------------------------------------------------

03 Mar 2005 - JoshyFun

! Pack for release version 2.46
! Another small fix in serial number

24 Feb 2005 - JoshyFun

! Fixed V9 cards serial number read.
! Fixed ECM selection for V9 cards (Stupid bug).
! Fixed a expire date display that fails from time to time :-?
~ Now provider index 00 (usually SECA) can receive EMMs (if configured).
~ Restored old TS184 parsing routines. New ones seens to hang PMCAM after some
  minutes working.

02 Feb 2005 - JoshyFun

! Fixed another mini bug in PMT parsing when ES_InfoLen=0

01 Feb 2005 - JoshyFun

! Fixed last PMT PID not showed in the PMT information and not available for
  any function in PMCAM.
! Fixed. Sometimes the last PMT entry could be badly named.
+ Added teletext identification in PMT information (subtitles, EPG, ...).

29 Jan 2005 - Joshyfun

+ Added audio language identification to each audio PID in the PMT details

22 Jan 2005 - JoshyFun

~ Globally changed how window are handled by hosted application, now all
  acceleration keys, and hotkeys works OK in all windows in the plugin.

21 Jan 2005 - JoshyFun

! Fixed the bug that prevents Windows to be shutdown from, in example, ProgDVB.

----Version 2.45----------------------------------------------------------------

13 Jan 2005 - JoshyFun

! Fixed a bug in the ID3V1.00 generated in the file. Genre was not set, now
  it is set to 12 = "Other" as no genre is given by the radio information.
~ Abou
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About.rtf20.49 kB2005-03-15|17:16
changelog.txt4.26 kB2005-03-15|17:16
clean.bat92.00 B2005-01-05|02:35
DVBCore.pas31.98 kB2004-12-17|23:45
frmPPVInfo.dfm15.69 kB2004-12-19|19:54
frmPPVInfo.pas6.17 kB2005-03-03|01:02
01.96 kB
About.bmp3.05 kB2004-12-17|23:52
About.ico2.40 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Add.bmp1.30 kB2004-12-17|23:52
bluenote.ico7.23 kB2004-12-17|23:52
bug.jpg6.04 kB2005-01-05|02:35
CAM.ico2.40 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Close.bmp3.05 kB2004-12-17|23:52
EPG.bmp1.05 kB2005-01-05|21:10
EPG.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
EPGOFF.bmp1.62 kB2004-12-17|23:52
EPGON.bmp1.62 kB2004-12-17|23:52
EPG_Gliph.bmp3.43 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Event.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
jetons.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
leftLogo.bmp9.96 kB2004-12-17|23:52
logger.ico1.68 kB2004-12-17|23:52
MagicWand.bmp1.30 kB2004-12-17|23:52
MagicWand.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
MAS.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
MENOS.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
nemesis.ico4.19 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Phoenix.ico1.72 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Provider.ico1.37 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Remove.bmp1.30 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Reset.bmp3.05 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Restart.bmp1.30 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Save.bmp2.05 kB2004-12-17|23:52
scriptengine.ico7.23 kB2004-12-17|23:52
ScriptsEngine.bmp6.80 kB2004-12-17|23:52
Tools.bmp246.00 B2004-12-17|23:52
tuxprogramming.jpg4.15 kB2005-01-13|19:01
V9Card.jpg11.00 kB2005-03-03|01:02
IFSI_IniFiles.pas10.45 kB2004-12-19|19:54
MpgLib.DLL141.50 kB2004-12-24|17:03
PMCAM0.00 B2005-03-15|17:18
PMCAM4.67 kB2005-01-05|17:24
PMCAM4.69 kB2005-01-05|17:24
PMCAM4.52 kB2005-01-05|17:24
PMCAM.rc3.60 kB2004-12-17|23:47
PMCAM2.dpr6.30 kB2005-03-11|20:15
PMCAM2.res1.70 kB2005-03-15|17:16
PMCAM2StandAlone.dpr1.19 kB2005-03-03|01:02
PMCAM2StandAlone.res4.95 kB2005-03-11|20:15
PMCAMMenu.rc259.00 B2004-12-26|20:10
PMCAMMenu.RES162.25 kB2005-03-15|17:16
rUPClickSplitter.res740.00 B2004-12-19|19:54
santa_rock.jpg5.65 kB2004-12-24|17:59
UBitManager.pas4.18 kB2004-12-17|23:45
uDecode123.pas4.01 kB2004-12-29|01:33
UDVBConditionalAccessSystemNames.pas1.49 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UDVBCoreToMD.pas4.59 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UDVBPIDNames.pas1.23 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UDVBTablesHolder.pas2.68 kB2004-12-28|02:17
UEPGEntry.pas3.29 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UEPGMHW.dfm7.72 kB2005-01-11|02:38
UEPGMHW.pas40.85 kB2005-01-11|02:38
UfrmAddFilter.dfm6.86 kB2004-12-17|23:46
UfrmAddFilter.pas3.68 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UfrmCAM.dfm217.00 kB2005-03-15|03:22
UfrmCAM.pas159.37 kB2005-03-15|17:16
ufrmDLLForm.dfm420.00 B2004-12-19|19:54
ufrmDLLForm.pas1.87 kB2004-12-26|20:10
UfrmEMM.dfm1.28 kB2004-12-17|23:46
UfrmEMM.pas1.47 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UfrmEPGAdvanced.dfm7.01 kB2005-01-05|21:10
UfrmEPGAdvanced.pas2.56 kB2005-01-05|21:10
UfrmMHWEPGEntries.dfm3.81 kB2004-12-17|23:46
UfrmMHWEPGEntries.pas4.33 kB2004-12-17|23:45
ufrmMHWRadio.dfm35.85 kB2005-01-21|18:53
ufrmMHWRadio.pas37.84 kB2005-01-21|18:53
UfrmPMTDetails.dfm2.31 kB2005-01-21|18:53
UfrmPMTDetails.pas2.74 kB2005-01-21|18:53
UfrmWarningOnExit.dfm15.64 kB2005-01-05|21:10
UfrmWarningOnExit.pas1.44 kB2005-01-05|21:10
ULogEngine.pas15.89 kB2005-03-12|17:11
UMDDefs.pas4.07 kB2005-03-03|01:02
UMD_Impl.pas11.26 kB2005-03-03|01:02
United32.pas14.20 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UnitISO639_3.pas10.04 kB2005-03-03|01:02
UnitMDInterface.pas28.92 kB2005-03-15|03:22
UnitTimer.pas1.39 kB2004-12-17|23:45
Unit_CRC32.pas3.62 kB2004-12-17|23:45
uPESToTS.pas6.11 kB2005-03-03|01:02
UScriptFunctions.pas2.97 kB2005-01-03|16:45
UScriptsEditor.dfm58.10 kB2005-01-21|18:53
UScriptsEditor.pas22.02 kB2005-03-03|01:02
USECAManager.pas18.26 kB2005-03-03|01:02
USECATableStore.pas12.92 kB2004-12-17|23:45
USECA_EMM.pas7.74 kB2005-03-12|03:36
USmartCardISO.pas14.45 kB2004-12-17|23:45
UTfrmMultiDec.dfm407.00 B2005-01-21|18:53
UTfrmMultiDec.pas4.38 kB2005-01-21|18:53
UTranslate.pas6.49 kB2004-12-24|17:03
UTS184ToBitFilter.pas36.28 kB2005-03-11|20:15
uUPClickSplitter.dcr488.00 B2004-12-19|19:54
uUPClickSplitter.dcu18.09 kB2005-03-03|01:02
uUPClickSplitter.pas20.43 kB2004-12-26|20:10
PMCAM2_2.50.zip870.87 kB2016-03-19|22:08
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