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			% DIPUM Toolbox.
% Version 1.1.3  15-Dec-2004
% M-files from the book Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, by
% R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods, and S.L. Eddins, Prentice Hall, 2004.
% Release information.
%   Readme        - Information about current and previous versions.
% Image display.
%   ice           - Interactive color editing.
%   rgbcube       - Display a color RGB cube.
% Geometric transformations.
%   pixeldup      - Duplicate pixels of an image in both directions.
%   vistformfwd   - Visualize forward geometric transformation.
% Pixel values and statistics.
%   covmatrix     - Covariance matrix of vector population.
%   statmoments   - Statistical central moments of image histogram.
% Image analysis, including segmentation, description, recognition.
%   bayesgauss    - Bayes classifier for Gaussian patterns.
%   bound2eight   - Convert 4-connected boundary to 8-connected.
%   bound2four    - Convert 8-connected boundary to 4-connected.
%   bound2im      - Convert boundary to image.
%   boundaries    - Trace region boundaries.
%   bsubsamp      - Subsample a boundary.
%   colorgrad     - Vector gradient of RGB image.
%   colorseg      - Segment a color image.
%   connectpoly   - Connect vertices of polygon.
%   diameter      - Measure diameter of image regions.
%   fchcode       - Freeman chain code of boundary.
%   frdescp       - Fourier descriptors.
%   hough         - Hough transform.
%   houghlines    - Extract line segments using Hough transform.
%   houghpeaks    - Detect peaks in Hough transform.
%   houghpixels   - Image pixels associated with Hough transform bin.
%   ifrdescp      - Inverse Fourier descriptors.
%   imstack2vectors - Extract vectors from image stack.
%   invmoments    - Invariant moments of image.
%   mahalanobis   - Mahalanobis distance.
%   minperpoly    - Minimum perimeter polygon.
%   polyangles    - Internal angles of polygon vertices.
%   princomp      - Principal-component vectors.
%   randvertex    - Randomly perturb polygon vertices.
%   regiongrow    - Segmentation by region growing.
%   signature     - Signature of boundary.
%   specxture     - Spectral texture of image.
%   splitmerge    - Segment image using split-and-merge.
%   statxture     - Statistical texture measures of image.
%   strsimilarity - Similarity measurement between two strings.
%   x2majoraxis   - Align coordinate x with major axis of region.
% Image compression.
%   compare       - Compute and display error between two matrices.
%   entropy       - Estimate entropy of a matrix.
%   huff2mat      - Decode a Huffman-encoded matrix.
%   huffman       - Build Huffman code for symbol source.
%   im2jpeg       - Compress image using JPEG approximation.
%   im2jpeg2k     - Compress image using JPEG 2000 approximation.
%   imratio       - Byte ratio for two image files or variables.
%   jpeg2im       - Decompress an IM2JPEG-compressed image.
%   jpeg2k2im     - Decompress an IM2JPEG2K-compressed image.
%   lpc2mat       - Decompress lossless predictive encoded matrix.
%   mat2huff      - Huffman-encode a matrix.
%   mat2lpc       - Compress matrix using lossless predictive coding.
%   quantize      - Quantize elements of uint8 matrix.
% Image enhancement.
%   gscale        - Scale intensity values of image.
%   intrans       - Perform several intensity transformations.
% Image noise.
%   imnoise2      - Generate random array using specified PDF.
%   imnoise3      - Generate periodic noise.
% Linear and nonlinear spatial filtering.
%   adpmedian     - Adaptive median filtering.
%   dftcorr       - Frequency-domain correlation.
%   dftfilt       - Frequency-domain filtering.
%   spfilt        - Linear and nonlinear spatial filtering.
% Linear 2-D filter design.
%   hpfilter      - Frequency-domain highpass filters.
%   lpfilter      - Frequency-domain lowpass filters.
% Wavelets.
%   wave2gray     - Display wavelet decomposition coefficients.
%   w
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0_Read_Me_First.txt5.00 kB2012-02-29|09:51
Contents.m5.98 kB2012-02-29|09:51
Readme.m5.30 kB2012-02-29|09:51
adpmedian.m1.54 kB2012-02-29|09:51
average.m651.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
bayesgauss.m2.96 kB2012-02-29|09:51
bound2eight.m2.99 kB2012-02-29|09:51
bound2four.m2.42 kB2012-02-29|09:51
bound2im.m2.17 kB2012-02-29|09:51
boundaries.m5.64 kB2012-02-29|09:51
bsubsamp.m3.87 kB2012-02-29|09:51
changeclass.m592.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
colorgrad.m2.30 kB2012-02-29|09:51
colorseg.m2.37 kB2012-02-29|09:51
compare.m1.15 kB2012-02-29|09:51
connectpoly.m1.02 kB2012-02-29|09:51
conwaylaws.m799.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
covmatrix.m977.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
dftcorr.m687.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
dftfilt.m882.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
dftuv.m736.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
diameter.m6.47 kB2012-02-29|09:51
endpoints.m874.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
entropy.m1.00 kB2012-02-29|09:51
fchcode.m8.55 kB2012-02-29|09:51
frdescp.m1.42 kB2012-02-29|09:51
fwtcompare.m992.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
gmean.m447.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
gscale.m2.04 kB2012-02-29|09:51
histroi.m920.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
hough.m2.64 kB2012-02-29|09:51
houghlines.m2.82 kB2012-02-29|09:51
houghpeaks.m2.65 kB2012-02-29|09:51
houghpixels.m1.02 kB2012-02-29|09:51
hpfilter.m1.23 kB2012-02-29|09:51
hsi2rgb.m1.94 kB2012-02-29|09:51
huff2mat.m2.46 kB2012-02-29|09:51
huffman.m2.82 kB2012-02-29|09:51
ice.fig45.71 kB2012-02-29|09:51
ice.m26.30 kB2012-02-29|09:51
ice_stand_alone.m46.55 kB2012-02-29|09:51
ifrdescp.m1.38 kB2012-02-29|09:51
ifwtcompare.m1.12 kB2012-02-29|09:51
im2jpeg.m2.90 kB2012-02-29|09:51
im2jpeg2k.m3.97 kB2012-02-29|09:51
imnoise2.m4.20 kB2012-02-29|09:51
imnoise3.m2.12 kB2012-02-29|09:51
improd.m791.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
imratio.m1.30 kB2012-02-29|09:51
imstack2vectors.m1.83 kB2012-02-29|09:51
intline.m1.20 kB2012-02-29|09:51
intrans.m3.25 kB2012-02-29|09:51
invmoments.m3.24 kB2012-02-29|09:51
jpeg2im.m2.41 kB2012-02-29|09:51
jpeg2k2im.m1.90 kB2012-02-29|09:51
lpc2mat.m1.42 kB2012-02-29|09:51
lpfilter.m1.44 kB2012-02-29|09:51
mahalanobis.m1.97 kB2012-02-29|09:51
manualhist.m1.75 kB2012-02-29|09:51
mat2huff.m2.75 kB2012-02-29|09:51
mat2lpc.m1.28 kB2012-02-29|09:51
minperpoly.m7.15 kB2012-02-29|09:51
paddedsize.m1.29 kB2012-02-29|09:51
pixeldup.m950.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
polyangles.m6.14 kB2012-02-29|09:51
princomp.m2.88 kB2012-02-29|09:51
quantize.m1.33 kB2012-02-29|09:51
randvertex.m1.15 kB2012-02-29|09:51
regiongrow.m1.66 kB2012-02-29|09:51
rgb2hsi.m1.46 kB2012-02-29|09:51
rgbcube.m1.98 kB2012-02-29|09:51
signature.m4.45 kB2012-02-29|09:51
specxture.m2.57 kB2012-02-29|09:51
spfilt.m3.78 kB2012-02-29|09:51
splitmerge.m4.13 kB2012-02-29|09:51
statmoments.m1.72 kB2012-02-29|09:51
statxture.m1.55 kB2012-02-29|09:51
strsimilarity.m1.78 kB2012-02-29|09:51
subim.m713.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
twodsin.m1.04 kB2012-02-29|09:51
twomodegauss.m1.16 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.dll7.00 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.m967.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexaxp24.00 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexglx18.97 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexhpux12.00 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexmac8.68 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexrs62.71 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexsg24.44 kB2012-02-29|09:51
unravel.mexsol8.54 kB2012-02-29|09:51
vistformfwd.m1.66 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wave2gray.m4.67 kB2012-02-29|09:51
waveback.m4.52 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavecopy.m940.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
wavecut.m1.06 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavefast.m4.14 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavefilter.m4.77 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavepaste.m1.04 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavework.m3.45 kB2012-02-29|09:51
wavezero.m696.00 B2012-02-29|09:51
x2majoraxis.m3.59 kB2012-02-29|09:51
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