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  • By nwpurain 2014-10-21
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			#if !defined(AFX_MULTICASTSOCKET_H__269E2C7F_2037_11D3_8EF3_0000C0FD25F8__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_MULTICASTSOCKET_H__269E2C7F_2037_11D3_8EF3_0000C0FD25F8__INCLUDED_

#if _MSC_VER >= 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER >= 1000
// MulticastSocket.h : header file
// CMulticastSocket command target

class CMulticastSocket : public CAsyncSocket//异步非阻塞Socket封装类

// Attributes

// Operations
	void	SetCallBack(void*);
	virtual ~CMulticastSocket();
	char m_strBuffer[32000];	// Receiving buffer for the packet that has arrived

// Overrides
	BOOL bDataReceived;
	BOOL JoinGroup(CString, UINT, UINT, BOOL);
	BOOL LeaveGroup();
	BOOL SendTo(const void*, int);
	void SetLoopBack(BOOL);//回环地址
	BOOL SetTTL(UINT nTTL);//生存周期
	BOOL CreateSendingSocket(UINT, BOOL);
	BOOL CreateReceivingSocket(LPCTSTR, UINT);
	void ShowErrorMessage();
	// ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
	virtual void OnReceive(int nErrorCode);

	// Generated message map functions
		// NOTE - the ClassWizard will add and remove member functions here.

// Implementation
	SOCKADDR_IN m_saHostGroup;	// SOCKADDR structure to hold IP/Port of the Host group to send data to it
	ip_mreq m_mrMReq;			// Contains IP and interface of the host group
	UINT m_nSendersPort;		// Holds Port No. of the socket from w
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Broadcast.h1.45 kB16-06-14|22:24
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AcceptSocket.obj5.96 kB16-06-14|21:40
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Multicast.obj35.04 kB16-06-14|21:40
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TCP.obj25.63 kB16-06-14|22:57
Unicast.obj22.99 kB16-06-14|23:06
vc60.idb233.00 kB15-10-14|23:04
vc60.pdb364.00 kB16-06-14|23:06
复件0.00 B17%|16-06-14
ListenSocket.cpp1.13 kB14-04-12|15:31
ListenSocket.h1.27 kB15-06-14|22:31
Multicast.cpp7.64 kB16-06-14|00:07
Multicast.h1.96 kB16-06-14|00:09
MulticastSocket.cpp6.81 kB16-06-14|00:00
MulticastSocket.h2.33 kB10-06-14|19:54
NetAssist.aps40.26 kB16-06-14|22:29
NetAssist.clw4.55 kB15-10-14|23:19
NetAssist.cpp2.15 kB15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist.dsp4.91 kB16-06-14|21:12
NetAssist.dsw541.00 B15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist.h1.33 kB15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist.ncb113.00 kB16-10-14|00:11
NetAssist.opt58.50 kB16-10-14|00:11
NetAssist.plg869.00 B16-06-14|23:06
NetAssist.rc10.41 kB16-06-14|22:29
NetAssistDlg.cpp5.98 kB16-06-14|22:29
NetAssistDlg.h1.63 kB16-06-14|22:29
ReadMe.txt3.55 kB15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist.ico1.05 kB15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist.rc2401.00 B15-06-14|22:26
resource.h3.09 kB16-06-14|22:29
StdAfx.cpp211.00 B15-06-14|22:26
StdAfx.h1.08 kB15-06-14|22:26
TCP.cpp5.92 kB16-06-14|21:09
TCP.h1.54 kB15-06-14|23:32
Unicast.cpp5.00 kB16-06-14|23:06
Unicast.h1.49 kB16-06-14|21:01
Debug0.00 B16-06-14|23:06
res0.00 B15-06-14|22:26
NetAssist06160.00 B16-10-14|00:11
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