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			<html xmlns:mwsh="">
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      <title>function tournament_selection(chromosome, pool_size, tour_size)</title>
      <meta name="generator" content="MATLAB 7.0">
      <meta name="date" content="2006-03-16">
      <meta name="m-file" content="tournament_selection"><style>
body {

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      <h1>function tournament_selection(chromosome, pool_size, tour_size)</h1>
         <p>is the selection policy for selecting the individuals for the mating pool. The selection is based on tournament selection.
            Argument <tt>chromosome</tt> is the current generation population from which the individuals are selected to form a mating pool of size <tt>pool_size</tt> after performing tournament selection, with size of the tournament being <tt>tour_size</tt>. By varying the tournament size the selection pressure can be adjusted. But for NSGA-II the tour_size is fixed to two, but
            the user may feel free to experiment with different tournament size. Also it has been observed that a tournament size of more
            than five has no significant meaning.
            <li><a href="#1">Tournament selection process</a></li>
      <h2>Tournament selection process<a name="1"></a></h2>
      <p>In a tournament selection process n individuals are selected at random, where n is equal to <tt>tour_size</tt>. From these individuals only one is selected and is added to the mating pool, where size of the mating pool is <tt>pool_size</tt>. Selection is performed based on two criteria. First and foremost is the rank or the front in which the solutions reside.
         Individuals with lower rank are selected. Secondly if the rank of two individuals are the same then, the crowding distance
         is compared. Individuals with greater crowding distance is selcted.
      </p><pre class="codeinput"><span class="comment">% Get the size of chromosome. The number of chromosome is not important</span>
<span class="comment">% while the number of elements in chromosome are important.</span>
[pop, variables] = size(chromosome);
<span class="comment">% The peunltimate element contains the information about rank.</span>
rank = variables - 1;
<span class="comment">% The last element contains information about crowding distance.</span>
distance = variables;

<span class="comment">% Until the mating pool is filled, perform tournament selection</span>
<span class="keyword">for</span> i = 1 : pool_size
    <span class="comment">% Select n individuals at random, where n = tour_size</span>
    <span class="keyword">for</span> j = 1 : tour_size
        <span class="comment">% Select an individual at random</span>
        candidate(j) = round(pop*rand(1));
        <span class="comment">% Make sure that the array starts from one.</span>
        <span class="keyword">if</span> candidate(j) == 0
            candidate(j) = 1;
        <span class="keyword">end</span>
        <span class="keyword">if</span> j &gt; 1
            <span class="comment">% Make sure that same candidate is not choosen.</span>
            <span class="keyword">while</span> ~isempty(find(candidate(1 : j - 1) == candidate(j)))
                candidate(j) = round(pop*rand(1));
                <span class="keyword">if</span> candidate(j) == 0
                    candidate(j) = 1;
                <span class="keyword">end</span>
            <span class="keyword">end</span>
        <span class="keyword">end</span>
    <span class="keyword">end</span>
    <span class="comment">% Collect information about the selected candidates.</span>
    <span class="keyword">for</span> j = 1 : tour_size
        c_obj_rank(j) = chromosome(candidate(j),rank);
        c_obj_distance(j) = chromosome(candidate(j),distance);
    <span class="keyword">end</span>
    <span class="comment">% Find the candidate with the least rank</span>
    min_candidate = <span class="keyword">...</span>
        find(c_obj_rank == min(c_obj_rank));
    <span class="comment">% If more than one candiate have the least rank then find the candidate</span>
    <span class="comment">% within that group having the maximum crowding distance.</span>
    <span class="keyword">if</span> length(min_candidate) ~= 1
        max_candidate = <span class="keyword">...</span>
        find(c_obj_distance(min_candidate) == max(c_obj_distance(min_candidate)));
        <span class="comment">% If a few individuals have the least rank and have maximum crowding</span>
        <span class="comment">% distance, select only one individual (not at random).</span>
        <span class="keyword">if</span> length(max_candidate) ~= 1
            max_candidate = max_candidate(1);
        <span class="keyword">end</span>
        <span class="comment">% Add the selected individual to the mating pool</span>
        f(i,:) = chromosome(candidate(min_candidate(max_candidate)),:);
    <span class="keyword">else</span>
        <span class="comment">% Add the selected individual to the mating pool</span>
        f(i,:) = chromosome(candidate(min_candidate(1)),:);
    <span class="keyword">end</span>
<span class="keyword">end</span>
</pre><p class="footer"><br>
         Published with MATLAB&reg; 7.0<br></p>
##### SOURCE BEGIN #####

%% function tournament_selection(chromosome, pool_size, tour_size) 
% is the selection policy for selecting the individuals for the mating 
% pool. The selection is based on tournamen
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