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			function f  = replace_chromosome(intermediate_chromosome,pro,pop)
%% replace_chromosome(intermediate_chromosome,pro,pop)
% This function replaces the chromosomes based on rank and crowding
% distance. Initially until the population size is reached each front is
% added one by one until addition of a complete front which results in
% exceeding the population size. At this point the chromosomes in that
% front is added subsequently to the population based on crowding distance.

[N,V] = size(intermediate_chromosome);
switch pro
        case 1
        M = 2;
        V = 6;
    case 2
        M = 3;
        V = 12;

% Get the index for the population sort based on the rank
[temp,index] = sort(intermediate_chromosome(:,M + V + 1));

% Now sort the individuals based on the index
for i = 1 : N
    sorted_chromosome(i,:) = intermediate_chromosome(index(i),:);

% Find the maximum rank in the current population
max_rank = max(intermediate_chromosome(:,M + V + 1));

% Start adding each front based on rank and crowing distance until the
% whole population is filled.
previous_index = 0;
for i = 1 : max_rank
    current_index = max(find(sorted_chromosome(:,M + V + 1) == i));
    if current_index > pop
        remaining = pop - previous_index;
        temp_pop = ...
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