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			function nsga_2()
%% Main Function
% Main program to run the NSGA-II MOEA.
% Read the corresponding documentation to learn more about multiobjective
% optimization using evolutionary algorithms.
% initialize_variables has two arguments; First being the population size
% and the second the problem number. '1' corresponds to MOP1 and '2'
% corresponds to MOP2.

%% Initialize the variables
% Declare the variables and initialize their values
% pop - population
% gen - generations
% pro - problem number

pop = 200;
gen = 1000;
pro = 1;

switch pro
    case 1
        % M is the number of objectives.
        M = 2;
        % V is the number of decision variables. In this case it is
        % difficult to visualize the decision variables space while the
        % objective space is just two dimensional.
        V = 6;
    case 2
        M = 3;
        V = 12;

% Initialize the population
chromosome = initialize_variables(pop,pro);

%% Sort the initialized population
% Sort the population using non-domination-sort. This returns two columns
% for each individual which are the rank and the crowding distance
% corresponding to their position in the front they belong. 
chromosome = non_domination_sort_mod(chromosome,pro);

%% Start the evolution process

% The following are performed in each generation
% Select the parents
% Perfrom crossover and Mutation operator
% Perform Selection

for i = 1 : gen
    % Select the parents
    % Parents are selected for reproduction to generate offspring. The
    % original NSGA-II uses a binary tournament selection based on the
    % crowded-comparision operator. The arguments are 
    % pool - size of the mating pool. It is common to have this to be half the
    %        population size.
    % tour - Tournament size. Original NSGA-II uses a binary tournament
    %        selection, but to see the effect of tournament size this is kept
    %        arbitary, to be choosen by the user.
    pool = round(pop/2);
    tour = 2;
    parent_chromosome = tournament_selection(chromosome,pool,tour);

    % Perfrom crossover and Mutation operator
    % The original NSGA-II algorithm uses Simulated Binary Crossover (SBX) and
    % Polynomial crossover. Crossover probability pc = 0.9 and mutation
    % probability is pm = 1/n, where n is the number of decision variables.
    % Both real-coded GA and binary-coded GA are implemented in the original
    % algorithm, while in this program only the real-coded GA is considered.
    % The distribution indeices for crossover and mutation operators as mu = 20
    % and mum = 20 respectively.
    mu = 20;
    mum = 20;
    offspring_chromosome = genetic_operator(parent_chromosome,pro,mu,mum);

    % Intermediate population
    % Intermediate population is the combined population of parents and
    % offsprings of the current generation. The population size is almost 1 and
    % half times the initial population.
    [main_pop,temp] = size(chromosome);
    [offspring_pop,temp] = size(offspring_chromosome);
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