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			package BookStore;

import java.util.*;
import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.ResultSet;

public class Book {
	private int id = 0;	
	private int catId = 0;	
	private String name = null;	
	private float price = 0;	
	private float salePrice = 0;	
	private String descript = null;
	private String author = null;	
	private String contents = null;	
	private String image = null;	
	public Book(){

	public void setId(int id) { = id;
	public int getId() {

		return id;
	public void setCatId(int catId) {

		this.catId = catId;
	public int getCatId() {

		return catId;
	public void setName(String name) { = name;
	public String getName() {

		return name;

	public void setPrice(float price) {

		this.price = price;
	public float getPrice() {

		return price;
	public void setSalePrice(float salePrice) {

		this.salePrice = salePrice;
	public float getSalePrice() {

		return salePrice;
	public void setDescript(String descript) {

		this.descript = descript;
	public String getDescript() {

		return descript;
	public void setAuthor(String author) { = author;
	public String getAuthor() {

		return author;
	public void setContents(String contents) {

		this.contents = contents;
	public String getContents() {

		return contents;
	public void setImage(String image) {

		this.image = image;
	public String getImage() {

		return image;
	public static Vector SearchBook(DB db,int mode,int bookCat,String field,String keyword) throws Exception{

		Vector bookList = new Vector();
		ResultSet rs;
        String strSql=null;
        String sField=null;
       if (mode==1 ) {

        	strSql = "select * from book where catid=" + bookCat;

        	if (field.equals("1")) sField="name";
        	else if(field.equals("2")) sField="author";
        	strSql = "select * from book where " + sField +" like '%" + keyword +"%' order by id";
/*        if (bookCat==0 ) {

        	strSql = "select * from book where 1=1 ";

        	strSql = "select * from book where catid=" + bookCat;
        if (keyword==null||keyword==""){

        	strSql = strSql + " order by id";

        	if (field.equals("1")) sField="name";
        	else if(field.equals("2")) sField="author";
        	strSql = strSql	+ " and " + sField +" like '%" + keyword +"%' order by id";
		rs = db.OpenSql(strSql);
		while  ({

			Book book = new Book();
			book.setId(rs.getInt("id")) ;
			book.setName(rs.getString("name")) ;
			book.setAuthor(rs.getString("author")) ;
			book.setPrice(rs.getInt("price")) ;
			book.setSalePrice(rs.getInt("saleprice")) ;
		System.out.println("bookList:        "+bookList.size());
		return bookList;

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ShopCartForm.java4.32 kB05-07-05|14:33
UpdateShopCartAction.java1.94 kB05-07-05|14:33
User.java2.20 kB05-07-05|14:33
AddrConfirmAction.class2.79 kB05-07-05|14:33
Book.class3.84 kB05-07-05|14:33
BookBuyAction.class2.64 kB05-07-05|14:33
BookCat.class1.32 kB05-07-05|14:33
BookDetailAction.class1.60 kB05-07-05|14:33
BookSearchAction.class2.49 kB05-07-05|14:33
ClearShopCartAction.class1.06 kB05-07-05|14:33
Constants.class995.00 B05-07-05|14:33
DB.class1.59 kB05-07-05|14:33
DetailAction.class1.63 kB05-07-05|14:33
LoginAction.class2.48 kB05-07-05|14:33
MyRequestProcessor.class708.00 B05-07-05|14:33
Order.class2.75 kB05-07-05|14:33
OrderDelAction.class2.24 kB05-07-05|14:33
OrderHistoryAction.class1.55 kB05-07-05|14:33
PageCtrlAction.class2.50 kB05-07-05|14:33
RegistAction.class2.14 kB05-07-05|14:33
SearchStatus.class1.32 kB05-07-05|14:33
ShopCart.class951.00 B05-07-05|14:33
UpdateShopCartAction.class1.61 kB05-07-05|14:33
User.class2.29 kB05-07-05|14:33
antlr.jar379.46 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-beanutils.jar115.94 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-collections.jar171.31 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-digester.jar106.54 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-fileupload.jar21.85 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-logging.jar37.12 kB05-07-05|14:33
commons-validator.jar82.29 kB05-07-05|14:33
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