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			#ifndef _LINUX_FS_H
#define _LINUX_FS_H

 * This file has definitions for some important file table
 * structures etc.

#include <linux/config.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <linux/limits.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/vfs.h>
#include <linux/net.h>
#include <linux/kdev_t.h>
#include <linux/ioctl.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/dcache.h>
#include <linux/stat.h>
#include <linux/cache.h>
#include <linux/stddef.h>
#include <linux/string.h>

#include <asm/atomic.h>
#include <asm/bitops.h>

struct poll_table_struct;

 * It's silly to have NR_OPEN bigger than NR_FILE, but you can change
 * the file limit at runtime and only root can increase the per-process
 * nr_file rlimit, so it's safe to set up a ridiculously high absolute
 * upper limit on files-per-process.
 * Some programs (notably those using select()) may have to be 
 * recompiled to take full advantage of the new limits..  

/* Fixed constants first: */
#undef NR_OPEN
#define NR_OPEN (1024*1024)	/* Absolute upper limit on fd num */
#define INR_OPEN 1024		/* Initial setting for nfile rlimits */

#define BLOCK_SIZE_BITS 10

/* And dynamically-tunable limits and defaults: */
struct files_stat_struct {

	int nr_files;		/* read only */
	int nr_free_files;	/* read only */
	int max_files;		/* tunable */

extern struct files_stat_struct files_stat;

struct inodes_stat_t {

	int nr_inodes;
	int nr_unused;
	int dummy[5];

extern struct inodes_stat_t inodes_stat;

extern int leases_enable, dir_notify_enable, lease_break_time;

#define NR_FILE  8192	/* this can well be larger on a larger system */
#define NR_RESERVED_FILES 10 /* reserved for root */
#define NR_SUPER 256

#define MAY_EXEC 1
#define MAY_WRITE 2
#define MAY_READ 4

#define FMODE_READ 1
#define FMODE_WRITE 2

#define READ 0
#define WRITE 1
#define READA 2		/* read-ahead  - don't block if no resources */
#define SPECIAL 4	/* For non-blockdevice requests in request queue */

#define SEL_IN		1
#define SEL_OUT		2
#define SEL_EX		4

/* public flags for file_system_type */
#define FS_REQUIRES_DEV 1 
#define FS_NO_DCACHE	2 /* Only dcache the necessary things. */
#define FS_NO_PRELIM	4 /* prevent preloading of dentries, even if
			   * FS_NO_DCACHE is not set.
#define FS_SINGLE	8 /* Filesystem that can have only one superblock */
#define FS_NOMOUNT	16 /* Never mount from userland */
#define FS_LITTER	32 /* Keeps the tree in dcache */
#define FS_ODD_RENAME	32768	/* Temporary stuff; will go away as soon
				  * as nfs_rename() will be cleaned up
 * These are the fs-independent mount-flags: up to 32 flags are supported
#define MS_RDONLY	 1	/* Mount read-only */
#define MS_NOSUID	 2	/* Ignore suid and sgid bits */
#define MS_NODEV	 4	/* Disallow access to device special files */
#define MS_NOEXEC	 8	/* Disallow program execution */
#define MS_SYNCHRONOUS	16	/* Writes are synced at once */
#define MS_REMOUNT	32	/* Alter flags of a mounted FS */
#define MS_MANDLOCK	64	/* Allow mandatory locks on an FS */
#define MS_NOATIME	1024	/* Do not update access times. */
#define MS_NODIRATIME	2048	/* Do not update directory access times */
#define MS_BIND		4096
#define MS_REC		16384
#define MS_VERBOSE	32768
#define MS_ACTIVE	(1<<30)
#define MS_NOUSER	(1<<31)

 * Superblock flags that can be altered by MS_REMOUNT

 * Old magic mount flag and mask
#define MS_MGC_VAL 0xC0ED0000
#define MS_MGC_MSK 0xffff0000

/* Inode flags - they have nothing to superblock flags now */

#define S_SYNC		1	/* Writes are synced at once */
#define S_NOATIME	2	/* Do not update access times */
#define S_QUOTA		4	/* Quota initialized for file */
#define S_APPEND	8	/* Append-only file */
#define S_IMMUTABLE	16	/* Immutable file */
#define S_DEAD		32	/* removed, but still open directory */
#define S_NOQUOTA	64	/* Inode is not counted to quota */

 * Note that nosuid etc flags are inode-specific: setting some file-system
 * flags just means all the inodes inherit those flags by default. It might be
 * possible to override it selectively if you really wanted to with some
 * ioctl() that is not currently implemented.
 * Exception: MS_RDONLY is always applied to the entire file system.
 * Unfortunately, it is possible to change a filesystems flags with it mounted
 * with files in use.  This means that all of the inodes will not have their
 * i_flags updated.  Hence, i_flags no longer inherit the superblock mount
 * flags, so these have to be checked separately. -- rmk@arm.uk.linux.org
#define __IS_FLG(inode,flg) ((inode)->i_sb->s_flags & (flg))

#define IS_RDONLY(inode) ((inode)->i_sb->s_flags & MS_RDONLY)
#define IS_SYNC(inode)		(__IS_FLG(inode, MS_SYNCHRONOUS) || ((inode)->i_flags & S_SYNC))
#define IS_MANDLOCK(inode)	__IS_FLG(inode, MS_MANDLOCK)

#define IS_QUOTAINIT(inode)	((inode)->i_flags & S_QUOTA)
#define IS_NOQUOTA(inode)	((inode)->i_flags & S_NOQUOTA)
#define IS_APPEND(inode)	((inode)->i_flags & S_APPEND)
#define IS_IMMUTABLE(inode)	((inode)->i_flags & S_IMMUTABLE)
#define IS_NOATIME(inode)	(__IS_FLG(inode, MS_NOATIME) || ((inode)->i_flags & S_NOATIME))
#define IS_NODIRATIME(inode)	__IS_FLG(inode, MS_NODIRATIME)

#define IS_DEADDIR(inode)	((inode)->i_flags & S_DEAD)

/* the read-only stuff doesn't really belong here, but any other place is
   probably as bad and I don't want to create yet another include file. */

#define BLKROSET   _IO(0x12,93)	/* set device read-only (0 = read-write) */
#define BLKROGET   _IO(0x12,94)	/* get read-only status (0 = read_write) */
#define BLKRRPART  _IO(0x12,95)	/* re-read partition table */
#define BLKGETSIZE _IO(0x12,96)	/* return device size /512 (long *arg) */
#define BLKFLSBUF  _IO(0x12,97)	/* flush buffer cache */
#define BLKRASET   _IO(0x12,98)	/* Set read ahead for block device */
#define BLKRAGET   _IO(0x12,99)	/* get current read ahead setting */
#define BLKFRASET  _IO(0x12,100)/* set filesystem (mm/filemap.c) read-ahead */
#define BLKFRAGET  _IO(0x12,101)/* get filesystem (mm/filemap.c) read-ahead */
#define BLKSECTSET _IO(0x12,102)/* set max sectors per request (ll_rw_blk.c) */
#define BLKSECTGET _IO(0x12,103)/* get max sectors per request (ll_rw_blk.c) */
#define BLKSSZGET  _IO(0x12,104)/* get block device sector size */
#if 0
#define BLKPG      _IO(0x12,105)/* See blkpg.h */
#define BLKELVGET  _IOR(0x12,106,sizeof(blkelv_ioctl_arg_t))/* elevator get */
#define BLKELVSET  _IOW(0x12,107,sizeof(blkelv_ioctl_arg_t))/* elevator set */
/* This was here just to show that the number is taken -
   probably all these _IO(0x12,*) ioctls should be moved to blkpg.h. */
/* A jump here: 108-111 have been used for various private purposes. */
#define BLKBSZGET  _IOR(0x12,112,sizeof(int))
#define BLKBSZSET  _IOW(0x12,113,sizeof(int))
#define BLKGETSIZE64 _IOR(0x12,114,sizeof(u64))	/* return device size in bytes (u64 *arg) */

#define BMAP_IOCTL 1		/* obsolete - kept for compatibility */
#define FIBMAP	   _IO(0x00,1)	/* bmap access */
#define FIGETBSZ   _IO(0x00,2)	/* get the block size used for bmap */

#ifdef __KERNEL__

#include <asm/semaphore.h>
#include <asm/byteorder.h>

extern void update_atime (struct inode *);
#define UPDATE_ATIME(inode) update_atime (inode)

extern void buffer_init(unsigned long);
extern void inode_init(unsigned long);
extern void mnt_init(unsigned long);

/* bh state bits */
enum bh_state_bits {

	BH_Uptodate,	/* 1 if the buffer contains valid data */
	BH_Dirty,	/* 1 if the buffer is dirty */
	BH_Lock,	/* 1 if the buffer is locked */
	BH_Req,		/* 0 if the buffer has been invalidated */
	BH_Mapped,	/* 1 if the buffer has a disk mapping */
	BH_New,		/* 1 if the buffer is new and not yet written out */
	BH_Async,	/* 1 if the buffer is under end_buffer_io_async I/O */
	BH_Wait_IO,	/* 1 if we should write out this buffer */
	BH_launder,	/* 1 if we should throttle on this buffer */
	BH_JBD,		/* 1 if it has an attached journal_head */

	BH_PrivateStart,/* not a state bit, but the first bit available
			 * for private allocation by other entities


 * Try to keep the most commonly used fields in single cache lines (16
 * bytes) to improve performance.  This ordering should be
 * particularly beneficial on 32-bit processors.
 * We use the first 16 bytes for the data which is used in searches
 * over the block hash lists (ie. getblk() and friends).
 * The second 16 bytes we use for lru buffer scans, as used by
 * sync_buffers() and refill_freelist().  -- sct
struct buffer_head {

	/* First cache line: */
	struct buffer_head *b_next;	/* Hash queue list */
	unsigned long b_blocknr;	/* block number */
	unsigned short b_size;		/* block size */
	unsigned short b_list;		/* List that this buffer appears */
	kdev_t b_dev;			/* device (B_FREE = free) */

	atomic_t b_count;		/* users using this block */
	kdev_t b_rdev;			/* Real device */
	unsigned long b_state;		/* buffer state bitmap (see above) */
	unsigned long b_flushtime;	/* Time when (dirty) buffer should be written */

	struct buffer_head *b_next_free;/* lru/free list linkage */
	struct buffer_head *b_prev_free;/* doubly linked list of buffers */
	struct buffer_head *b_this_page;/* circular list of buffers in one page */
	struct buffer_head *b_reqnext;	/* request queue */

	struct buffer_head **b_pprev;	/* doubly linked list of hash-queue */
	char * b_data;			/* pointer to data block */
	struct page *b_page;		/* the page this bh is mapped to */
	void (*b_end_io)(struct buffer_head *bh, int uptodate); /* I/O completion */
 	void *b_private;		/* reserved for b_end_io */

	unsigned long b_rsector;	/* Real buffer location on disk */
	wait_queue_head_t b_wait;

	struct inode *	     b_inode;
	struct list_head     b_inode_buffers;	/* doubly linked list of inode dirty buffers */


typedef void (bh_end_io_t)(struct buffer_head *bh, int uptodate);
void init_buffer(struct buffer_head *, bh_end_io_t *, void *);

#define __buffer_state(bh, state)	(((bh)->b_state & (1UL << BH_##state)) != 0)

#define buffer_uptodate(bh)	__buffer_state(bh,Uptodate)
#define buffer_dirty(bh)	__buffer_state(bh,Dirty)
#define buffer_locked(bh)	
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mpeg4es.h4.37 kB14-09-06|10:46
mpeg_system.h2.10 kB14-09-06|10:46
mpeg_ts.h1.39 kB14-09-06|10:46
multicast.h1.38 kB14-09-06|10:46
pcm.h1.38 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs.h2.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
rtcp.h6.10 kB14-09-06|10:46
rtp.h4.83 kB14-09-06|10:46
rtpptdefs.h6.82 kB14-09-06|10:46
rtp_shm.h1.35 kB14-09-06|10:46
rtsp.h4.46 kB14-09-06|10:46
schedule.h2.34 kB14-09-06|10:46
sdp.h1.48 kB14-09-06|10:46
socket.h2.53 kB14-09-06|10:46
types.h1.24 kB14-09-06|10:46
utils.h5.15 kB25-10-06|10:44
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downgrade_GSM.o1.68 kB25-10-06|10:27
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downgrade_L16.o696.00 B25-10-06|10:27
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downgrade_MP3.o2.82 kB25-10-06|10:27
half_GSM.c3.07 kB14-09-06|10:46
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priority_increase.c2.21 kB14-09-06|10:46
priority_increase.o1.00 kB25-10-06|10:27
stream_change.c3.35 kB14-09-06|10:46
stream_change.o1.68 kB25-10-06|10:27
upgrade_GSM.c3.63 kB14-09-06|10:46
upgrade_GSM.o1.69 kB25-10-06|10:27
upgrade_MP3.c7.01 kB14-09-06|10:46
upgrade_MP3.o2.93 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
intnet0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
Makefile2.03 kB25-10-06|10:30
Makefile.bak2.03 kB25-10-06|10:26
global.h785.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile242.00 B14-09-06|10:46
md5.h1.32 kB14-09-06|10:46
md5c.a4.60 kB25-10-06|10:27
md5c.c10.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
md5c.o4.43 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
md50.00 B25-10-06|10:27
calculate_skip.c2.10 kB15-09-06|16:32
calculate_skip.o1.31 kB25-10-06|10:27
common_utils.c2.14 kB14-09-06|10:46
common_utils.o1.27 kB25-10-06|10:27
default_selection_criterion.c1.46 kB14-09-06|10:46
default_selection_criterion.o740.00 B25-10-06|10:27
enum_media.c2.70 kB14-09-06|10:46
enum_media.o1.18 kB25-10-06|10:27
free_GSM.c1.23 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_GSM.o604.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_H26L.c1.32 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_H26L.o720.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_L16.c1.23 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_L16.o604.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_MP2T.c1.24 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_MP2T.o606.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_MP4ES.c1.57 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_MP4ES.o792.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_MPA.c1.23 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_MPA.o604.00 B25-10-06|10:27
free_MPV.c1.35 kB14-09-06|10:46
free_MPV.o696.00 B25-10-06|10:27
get_frame.c2.82 kB15-09-06|11:13
get_frame.o1.30 kB25-10-06|10:27
get_media_entry.c1.75 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_media_entry.o884.00 B25-10-06|10:27
load_GSM.c2.33 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_GSM.o1.16 kB25-10-06|10:27
load_H26L.c1.62 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_H26L.o936.00 B25-10-06|10:27
load_L16.c1.88 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_L16.o780.00 B25-10-06|10:27
load_MP2T.c1.68 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_MP2T.o936.00 B25-10-06|10:27
load_MP4ES.c4.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_MP4ES.o1.29 kB25-10-06|10:27
load_MPA.c6.31 kB15-09-06|19:24
load_MPA.o3.26 kB25-10-06|10:27
load_MPV.c2.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
load_MPV.o1.39 kB25-10-06|10:27
Makefile2.33 kB14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak2.52 kB14-09-06|10:46
mediaclose.c1.70 kB14-09-06|10:46
mediaclose.o784.00 B25-10-06|10:27
mediacpy.c2.39 kB14-09-06|10:50
mediacpy.o1.20 kB25-10-06|10:27
mediainfo.a81.57 kB25-10-06|10:28
mediaopen.c2.28 kB14-09-06|10:46
mediaopen.o1.31 kB25-10-06|10:27
media_is_empty.c1.47 kB14-09-06|10:46
media_is_empty.o696.00 B25-10-06|10:27
msec2tick.c1.54 kB14-09-06|10:46
msec2tick.o884.00 B25-10-06|10:27
parse_SD_file.c10.44 kB15-09-06|15:49
parse_SD_file.o5.41 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_dim.c2.25 kB15-09-06|16:33
read_dim.o1.55 kB25-10-06|10:28
read_GSM.c2.95 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_GSM.o1.98 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_H26L.c3.86 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_H26L.o1.50 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MP3.c3.55 kB13-10-06|20:38
read_MP3.o1.93 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG4ES_utils.c8.00 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEG4ES_utils.o4.40 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG4ES_video.c7.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEG4ES_video.o3.18 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEGSYSTEM_utils.c11.19 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEGSYSTEM_utils.o4.34 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG_system.c7.32 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEG_system.o4.09 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG_ts.c2.12 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEG_ts.o1.07 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG_utils.c10.46 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_MPEG_utils.o3.55 kB25-10-06|10:27
read_MPEG_video.c11.24 kB23-10-06|09:44
read_MPEG_video.c-011.24 kB19-10-06|19:11
read_MPEG_video.c-115.79 kB19-10-06|19:20
read_MPEG_video.c-213.04 kB23-10-06|09:33
read_MPEG_video.o4.22 kB25-10-06|10:28
read_PCM.c3.22 kB14-09-06|10:46
read_PCM.o1.80 kB25-10-06|10:28
register_media.c4.12 kB13-10-06|20:39
register_media.o2.63 kB25-10-06|10:28
rtp_shm.c1.91 kB14-09-06|10:56
rtp_shm.o1.27 kB25-10-06|10:28
search_media.c4.60 kB15-09-06|15:26
search_media.o1.70 kB25-10-06|10:28
tick2msec.c1.52 kB14-09-06|10:46
tick2msec.o916.00 B25-10-06|10:28
validate_stream.c3.82 kB15-09-06|16:00
validate_stream.o6.44 kB25-10-06|10:28
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
mediainfo0.00 B25-10-06|10:28
mk.sh90.00 B23-10-06|09:39
is_valid_multicast_address.c1.66 kB13-10-06|16:44
is_valid_multicast_address.o808.00 B25-10-06|10:27
Makefile287.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak484.00 B14-09-06|10:46
multicast.a1.04 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
multicast0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
Makefile757.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak954.00 B14-09-06|10:46
rtcp.a10.47 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_fract_lost.c1.37 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_fract_lost.o868.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_jitter.c1.32 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_jitter.o618.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_pkt_lost.c1.32 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_pkt_lost.o622.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_RR_received.c1.34 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_RR_received.o628.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_total_packet.c1.34 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_total_packet.o630.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_get_total_payload_octet.c1.36 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_get_total_payload_octet.o644.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_handler.c2.68 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_handler.o1.38 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_recv_packet.c6.62 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_recv_packet.o1.83 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTCP_send_packet.c6.15 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTCP_send_packet.o2.30 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
rtcp0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
Makefile587.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak784.00 B14-09-06|10:46
rtp.a9.03 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTP_get_port_pair.c1.62 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_get_port_pair.o872.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTP_port_pool_init.c1.45 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_port_pool_init.o824.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTP_recv.c2.07 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_recv.o848.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTP_release_port_pair.c1.56 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_release_port_pair.o856.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTP_sendto.c2.59 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_sendto.o1,016.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTP_send_packet.c6.36 kB15-09-06|19:48
RTP_send_packet.o2.66 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTP_session_destroy.c3.50 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTP_session_destroy.o1.24 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
rtp0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
add_time_stamp.c1.65 kB14-09-06|10:46
add_time_stamp.o1.04 kB25-10-06|10:27
bwrite.c1.86 kB15-09-06|19:28
bwrite.o1,020.00 B25-10-06|10:27
get_stat.c3.07 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_stat.o2.61 kB25-10-06|10:27
Makefile1.68 kB14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak1.87 kB14-09-06|10:46
max_connection.c1.36 kB14-09-06|10:46
max_connection.o796.00 B25-10-06|10:27
parse_url.c4.45 kB14-09-06|10:46
parse_url.o1.77 kB25-10-06|10:27
rtsp.a57.07 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_describe.c6.43 kB15-09-06|15:59
RTSP_describe.o2.96 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_discard_msg.c1.42 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTSP_discard_msg.o804.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_full_msg_rcvd.c6.26 kB14-09-06|15:09
RTSP_full_msg_rcvd.o2.05 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_handler.c5.05 kB13-10-06|15:58
RTSP_handler.o2.13 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_initserver.c1.44 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTSP_initserver.o760.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_options.c2.60 kB14-09-06|16:38
RTSP_options.o1.56 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_pause.c4.47 kB14-09-06|19:53
RTSP_pause.o2.40 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_play.c12.25 kB13-10-06|20:40
RTSP_play.o4.97 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_remove_msg.c1.53 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTSP_remove_msg.o836.00 B25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_setup.c17.17 kB15-09-06|19:43
RTSP_setup.o6.46 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_state_machine.c7.33 kB13-10-06|16:05
RTSP_state_machine.o3.62 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_teardown.c5.69 kB14-09-06|19:51
RTSP_teardown.o2.64 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_validate_method.c2.90 kB14-09-06|10:46
RTSP_validate_method.o1.60 kB25-10-06|10:27
RTSP_valid_response_msg.c2.31 kB13-10-06|15:58
RTSP_valid_response_msg.o1.20 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_describe_reply.c2.99 kB13-10-06|16:01
send_describe_reply.o1.96 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_options_reply.c1.70 kB14-09-06|20:06
send_options_reply.o1.25 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_pause_reply.c1.91 kB14-09-06|20:06
send_pause_reply.o1.39 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_play_reply.c2.52 kB14-09-06|20:19
send_play_reply.o1.83 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_redirect_3xx.c2.80 kB14-09-06|10:46
send_redirect_3xx.o1.89 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_reply.c2.56 kB14-09-06|19:50
send_reply.o1.74 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_setup_reply.c3.44 kB14-09-06|20:20
send_setup_reply.o1.91 kB25-10-06|10:27
send_teardown_reply.c1.92 kB14-09-06|20:20
send_teardown_reply.o1.40 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
rtsp0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
Makefile593.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak790.00 B14-09-06|10:46
schedule.a9.15 kB25-10-06|10:28
schedule_add.c2.06 kB15-09-06|10:07
schedule_add.o1.04 kB25-10-06|10:28
schedule_do.c6.32 kB13-10-06|16:29
schedule_do.o2.21 kB25-10-06|10:28
schedule_init.c2.27 kB14-09-06|10:46
schedule_init.o884.00 B25-10-06|10:28
schedule_remove.c1.66 kB14-09-06|10:46
schedule_remove.o728.00 B25-10-06|10:28
schedule_resume.c2.20 kB14-09-06|10:46
schedule_resume.o1.36 kB25-10-06|10:28
schedule_start.c2.95 kB16-09-06|10:34
schedule_start.o1.42 kB25-10-06|10:28
schedule_stop.c1.58 kB14-09-06|10:46
schedule_stop.o840.00 B25-10-06|10:28
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
schedule0.00 B25-10-06|10:28
get_media_descr.c3.47 kB15-09-06|15:49
get_media_descr.o1.56 kB25-10-06|10:28
get_SDP_descr.c8.88 kB15-09-06|15:27
get_SDP_descr.o4.68 kB25-10-06|10:28
get_SDP_session_id.c1.39 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_SDP_session_id.o968.00 B25-10-06|10:28
get_SDP_user_name.c1.30 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_SDP_user_name.o832.00 B25-10-06|10:28
get_SDP_version.c1.36 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_SDP_version.o964.00 B25-10-06|10:28
Makefile489.00 B14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak686.00 B14-09-06|10:46
sdp.a9.54 kB25-10-06|10:28
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
sdp0.00 B25-10-06|10:28
get_address.c3.91 kB16-09-06|10:42
get_address.o1.71 kB25-10-06|10:27
Makefile700.00 B14-09-06|10:46
socket.a12.80 kB25-10-06|10:27
sock_ntop_host.c2.77 kB14-09-06|10:46
sock_ntop_host.o1.13 kB25-10-06|10:27
tcp_accept.c1.55 kB14-09-06|10:46
tcp_accept.o784.00 B25-10-06|10:27
tcp_close.c1.33 kB14-09-06|10:46
tcp_close.o676.00 B25-10-06|10:27
tcp_connect.c2.34 kB14-09-06|10:46
tcp_connect.o1.41 kB25-10-06|10:27
tcp_listen.c2.44 kB14-09-06|10:46
tcp_listen.o1.35 kB25-10-06|10:27
tcp_read.c1.92 kB14-09-06|20:30
tcp_read.o1.05 kB25-10-06|10:27
tcp_write.c1.42 kB14-09-06|10:46
tcp_write.o676.00 B25-10-06|10:27
udp_close.c1.27 kB14-09-06|10:46
udp_close.o676.00 B25-10-06|10:27
udp_connect.c2.28 kB14-09-06|10:46
udp_connect.o1.23 kB25-10-06|10:27
udp_open.c2.29 kB14-09-06|19:43
udp_open.o1.21 kB25-10-06|10:27
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
socket0.00 B25-10-06|10:27
alloc_path_name.c2.10 kB16-09-06|19:48
alloc_path_name.o1.20 kB25-10-06|10:28
dump_buffer.c1.30 kB14-09-06|10:46
dump_payload.c2.03 kB14-09-06|10:46
fncheader.c1.77 kB14-09-06|10:46
fncheader.o1.07 kB25-10-06|10:28
fnc_log.c4.35 kB14-09-06|10:46
fnc_log.o2.20 kB25-10-06|10:28
get_UTC_time.c1.85 kB14-09-06|10:46
get_UTC_time.o1.20 kB25-10-06|10:28
is_supported_url.c2.17 kB14-09-06|10:46
is_supported_url.o1.59 kB25-10-06|10:28
log.a2.36 kB25-10-06|10:28
main.c3.08 kB25-10-06|10:58
main.o1.46 kB25-10-06|10:58
Makefile1.27 kB14-09-06|10:46
Makefile.bak1.46 kB14-09-06|10:46
NTP_time.c1.24 kB14-09-06|10:46
NTP_time.o760.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs.a8.43 kB25-10-06|10:28
prefs_get_hostname.c1.27 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_get_hostname.o724.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs_get_log.c1.23 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_get_log.o712.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs_get_max_session.c1.24 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_get_max_session.o732.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs_get_port.c1.28 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_get_port.o720.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs_get_serv_root.c1.28 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_get_serv_root.o724.00 B25-10-06|10:28
prefs_init.c5.22 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_init.o2.88 kB25-10-06|10:28
prefs_use_default.c2.20 kB14-09-06|10:46
prefs_use_default.o1.23 kB25-10-06|10:28
random32.c2.67 kB15-09-06|09:38
random32.o1.07 kB25-10-06|10:28
utils.a6.34 kB25-10-06|10:28
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
src0.00 B25-10-06|10:58
_desktop.ini10.00 B25-10-06|08:28
rtsp_server0.00 B25-10-06|10:30
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