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backconnect proxy src sock5 sample

space:nowrap;">unit uTunnel;interfaceuses windows, WinSock,  SocketUnit,  ThreadUnit;  type TBCReq = record  bVersion : Byte;  bCmd     : Byte;end;type  TSocks5MethodSel = record    Version  : Byte;    nMethods : Byte;    Met...

PLC communication source code

PPI电缆或自己焊接4、S7-200 PLC 默认参数即可5、默认一次最多读取100个VB字节或50个VW字,通过DLL函数修改,可以读取更多6、为了简化程序,仅提供V区操作,实际应用中足够了7、操作VW字时,地址应为偶数...

Billing System

Intended to count time and bill the user of internet usage. provide simple communications with other PC via Lan.. automatic shutdown and restart. better applied on internet caffe....

maXbox Internet Code Solutions

This examples and the tutor 5 lesson will introduce you to Internet and Indy Sockets and the library in a separate way. So what are the Indy Sockets and the TelnetTCPSocketServer TTSS?Indy.Sockets (VCL) is an open source socket library that supports clients, servers, TCP, UDP, raw sockets, as well a...

5_Internet Example Edition

size:16px;">我们展示了互联网和HTTP / HTML基础概念:这个例子和导师5节课将向你介绍互联网和印套接字和库在一个单独的方法。那么,什么是印套接字和TelnetTCPSocketServer TTSS?Indy.Sockets(VCL)是支持客户端,服务器,TCP,UDP,原始...

NO-IP Updater 帐户没有 IP 更新应该很容易支持以及其他 dns 重定向注意到一些人想要这个所以希望能帮到你:)...


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