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DSPACK source code

size:14px;">DSPACK source, containing package,source and development needs based on DirectShow video components...

Delphi image compression and transmission


PNG Image for DELPHI 7

button, imagelist with png image procedure Register; begin   //Register all components   RegisterComponents(SPageName, [TPngSpeedButton, TPngBitBtn, TPngImageList,     TPngImageCollection, TPngCheckListBox]);   //Register component editors   RegisterC...

Graduation design of Delphi image processing

size:12.0pt;font-family:"">adobe Company photoshop Parts of the image processing functions, mainly using matrix operations in preparing the result code, and averages , Methods such as value difference. This software is for pf24bit bitmaps, each pixel contains 3 bytes of principle on its 3- byte...

To convert tif images to BMP

To convert tif images to BMP CONTENTS ======== 1. Target platforms 2. Description 3. Installation 4. Read this 5. Known bugs & problems 6. More informations 7. Contact...


family:宋体;">本程序主要的功能:将一副图像选定的区域(多边形、矩形、圆形、椭圆)复制到另一副图像的指定位置。 本程序辅助功能(区域或全图): l  图像的亮度、饱和度、色彩平衡、对比度、灰度调...

Analog picture dials

size:14px;">研究了下抽奖小游戏,自己做了一个。 delphi2009 编写的转盘小游戏,供大家参考, 用到了图片和播放声音,...

Implement the edit box text segmentation screenshots, preview screenshots effect, and save it as bmp image formats

You can set the edit box font type, size, color attributes can edit box text segmentation screenshots, screenshots can preview the content, and in the edit box to insert a bitmap, delete and other operations, and can be divided screenshots of contents save as image format....

TPicShow is an image slider control

aware version of TPicShow with ability to load bitmap, jpeg, metafile, and png (Delphi 2009 and later) images from a blob field....

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