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pacman search python

space:normal;">人工智能作业...... 小游戏pacman...... 搜索算法,用python完成...... DFS,深度优先搜索 BFS,广度优先搜索 统一的成本, 启发式算法。。。 1.在 中的 depthFirstSearch 函数中实现...

svm smo python code

output target-output"> 支持向量机的执行情况算法使用Python 语言,实现一个简化的版本,包括实现完整版本的实现和可选与核函数. And包含大量的简单的数据设置,用于测试验证....

DBSCAN Algorithm test

space:nowrap;">Tesesting DBSCAN(Density-based spatial clustering of applications) Algorithm...

Python alphabet code

size:16px;">源代码,请参阅提交的代码第一次。它是更好的搜索以避免 sumbitting 相同或相似的源代码在提交之前的网站上。如果你找不到这种语言在语言列表中,请选择"其他"。保持简短、 精确和完整的标签,请仅使用"...

USB Support in Phyton as sourcecode

这是一个包含支持例程,在 Phyton 中的 USB 的包。这是只是集成测试可以使用 若要显示 LibUSB 是如何访问下 PHYTON 语言在 windows 环境...

Date & Time

This is the simple application code which shows the present time and date. It was written in Python language. Also, in order to visualizing the app, I used the "tkinter" library. For more information , you can refer to its website and find different methods  which help you t...

HTTP Server in Python

A web server is a computer system that processes requests via HTTP, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web. The term can refer either to the entire system, or specifically to the software that accepts and supervises the HTTP requests.[1]The most common use of...

test USB serial communication error rate and speed using python with CRC

size:16px;">此测试代码是为了测试 USB 串行通信速度,写在 python.example 输出: COM18(58 small)-> COM17 (59,大): 确定字节数: 4000 秒: 13 率: 307.00 字节数/秒开始吧 !错误: 期待: 0x31,实际: 0x0-48错误: 期待: 0xc0,实际: 0xe0 33...


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