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3D face recognition

This is a completely working 3D face recognition system made in python. Please find the instructions in readme file.It implements following features:1. Normalization2. Smoothing3. Interpolation4. Cropping5. Zooming6. Key point extraction7. Rotation...

Fingerprint recognition using python

size:16px;">#指纹识别算法积极发展的一年:2012# #总结指纹识别算法开发的生物方法的课程在大学弗罗茨瓦夫łAW一些实现,波兰。# #用法# # #前提* Python 2.7* Python图像库(PIL)# # #如何使用它只是做` ` ` Python——帮助` ` `如...

Cut facial image


Simple CT display code

Based on wxPython, and PyDicom packages, you can display images in DICOM format codes, you can read the contents of each Tag and corresponding, as a basis for further development of image segmentation and reconstruction framework...

An image into a document scanner using python


Image segmentation of deformed snakes


Discrete Wavelet Transform

Performs 2d DWT on an input image.Uses Daubechies series 1, and can be verified by looking at the WD1 module defined in the file in the .zip file, downloaded.Sorry for the absence of README.txtThis can be applied for image processing applicaitons, like enhancement and feature extraction...

Gmap Captcher

An offline map viewer. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Picture bulk-photo format conversion-Python


CMT code live camera operation

time camera runs, extracting feature points by topology changes between points, determine the target object changes, using the Python programming language....


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