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3D face recognition

This is a completely working 3D face recognition system made in python. Please find the instructions in readme file.It implements following features:1. Normalization2. Smoothing3. Interpolation4. Cropping5. Zooming6. Key point extraction7. Rotation...

Machine Learning Source

test available. . . More suitable for study entry. . . . Very good. . . Now just uploaded a part of the source code, after the future will continue to upload up. . . I hope you learn and progress together. . . . ....

Recommend system-recommend-SVD film package

family:verdana, 宋体, Arial;font-size:13px;line-height:24px;white-space:normal;">SVD(Singular Value Decomposition)的想法是根据已有的评分情况,分析出评分者对各个因子的喜好程度以及电影包含各个因子的程度,最后再反过来根据分析结果预测评分。...

GN algorithm -Python code

Application backgroundGN algorithm is a classical community discovery algorithm, which belongs to the hierarchical clustering algorithm, at first, by Girvan Mark and Newman Michelle in 2012. Can deal with the discovery of community in the network.......Key TechnologyThe basic idea is to keep the net...

Python implementation of collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm

Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm Python implementation, including both UserBaseCF and ItemBaseCF, use the Movielens data sets, included in the source code....

pacman search python

space:normal;">人工智能作业...... 小游戏pacman...... 搜索算法,用python完成...... DFS,深度优先搜索 BFS,广度优先搜索 统一的成本, 启发式算法。。。 1.在 中的 depthFirstSearch 函数中实现...

Python implementation to play airplane games

Design play airplane games using Python, pygame development kit needs to be installed prior to use. Download:

2D Cellular Automaton Simulation

疯云游戏。元胞自动机 (复数的元胞自动机,缩写。加利福尼亚州) 的可计算性理论、 数学、 物理、 复杂性科学、 理论生物学和微观组织模拟研究了一类离散模型。元胞自动机也称为细胞空间、 镶嵌机、 均匀的结构,细胞...

spinal codes resource codes


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