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testing data using bee colony

This program introduce an new way of customization in testing methods using the bee colony, result show that this method is the best comparing with Genetic Algorithm and some other algorithm in the field of path testing in white box testing branch....

C # like Bank of China ATM program

Program like Bank of China ATM machine using c # programming, SQL database file attached can be used, as well as procedures for using the document...

C # multithreaded example


Log4Net using the demo

Log4net is a feature known as the open source logging component. Using log4net logs can easily log messages to a file, console, Windows event logs and databases (including MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle9i,Oracle8i,DB2,SQLite). And we also can record a control record log level, can be recorded in the...

source code des c#

1];            fsInput.Read(bytearrayinput, 0, bytearrayinput.Length);            cryptostream.Write(bytearrayinput, 0, bytearrayinput.Length);        ...

Use Webcame in C# program

size:14px;">通过此源代码,您可以用 C# 写的程序中使用摄像头。事实上,这个源代码是摄像头在您的程序中使用的最好的例子。此源代码可以帮你吧...

CoStream, A Bufferless Pipe Stream

cpp">Static CoStream costream = new TestCoStream(); static string outpath; static void Main(string[] args) { // ... XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load(args[0]); outpath = args[1]; var reading_thread = new Thread(ReaderBody);...


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