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GPS positioning system



二分查找(Binary Search) 二分查找又称折半查找,它是一种效率较高的查找方法。 二分查找要求:线性表是有序表,即表中结点按关键字有序,并且要用向量作为表的存储结构。不妨设有序表是递增有序的。...

Face detection and recognition based attendence system

提供在项目中的数据库是一个临时的测试数据库。实际的数据库是使用 APACHE 以满足所需的大小 cosntraints 创建的。... hotel management system

size:14px;">of the features required for ordinary hotels...

Hospital management system using

end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.Tools Used:Web Technology: ASP.NETLanguage: C#Web Services: ASP.NET Xml Web Servi...

FANUC Focas lib 2.5 complete development kits and Protocol test tools

Application backgroundFOCAS 2.5 complete development of data packets, including a detailed development documentation, including testing procedures for testing machine tools...

ZK attendance machine secondary development

size:14px;">采用TCP/IP通信,用C# 2010,可以上传和下载数据,删除管理员,管理考勤机的时间,编号...

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system


C # TCP Socket multi-threaded communication (contains both server-side and client-side)

Original text from CSDN, service bug has been modified. Features: threaded Socket TCP/IP communication, the splash screen. Development environment: VS2010 c #...

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