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VB MODBUS RTU test cases

size:16px;">VB  modbus RTU测试用例,支持03和10指令,内有完整的读写功能封闭子程序和CRC校验程序在XP VB6.0上测试通过...


Measurement of management software, serial communications, rare totally weighing software source code, you can use to download!...


GPRS wireless communications for the TCP/IP procedures, can support 100 Remote Terminal....

Mitsubishi FX series PLC communication and VB programming port source code

Mitsubishi FX series PLC programming port communication and VB source code, suitable for serial communication, you can make reasonable for PLC control, can freely change the VB source code, use VB6.0 to write....

Class module communicate between Siemens S7200 and VB


TPLINK router modifying the MAC+ restart

A key to restart the router, a key to modifying the router WAN port MAC address without logging in. TPLINK router is only currently supported, but you can reference the packet....

VB serial debugging source code

size:16px;">VB 串口调试助手源代码,通过这个简单例子的学习能够增进对vb界面编程的深入理解,也能够对串口通信有一个大概的了解,对以后的串口通信程序的编写,具有重要的知道意义。...


Own use VB6.0 to write visa32 control CMU200 test mobile radio indicator tools, mobile equipment testing white card, automatic dial-up connection phone to automatically generate test reports....

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