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Cf shoot the source code automatically

Easy language version cf automatic fire, pro-test, easy to use! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Pure original! ! ! In the game press [F3] key or click the button on, you can adjust the shot frequency, I wish you a gun gun headshot, Shasha happy!...

Automatically process death resurrection

Two days ago look at the Delphi section Digest of "automatically process death resurrection" article, feel the author's idea is very good, using the API to monitor process activity, creates a process automatically when it is destroyed. After careful scrutiny, I discover that VB can be done. Took a l...

Stealth eye project

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">隐形眼睛可以捕获图像远程计算机上的并在本地计算机上显示的图像 你可以列出远程计算机的显卡驱动程序...

Route tracking to get programs written using VB

size:14px;">Route tracking to get programs written using VB, you can use this program, you can find the path to the destination host....


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