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elibrary management system

align:justify;"> 电子图书馆 是有关的考古学和 paleodontology 在pdf中可用的文件 (pdf、 txt、 rtf、 docx 文件) 的集合。在所有语言中的文件,欢迎。这个项目的目的是科学的促进这一领域,提高其可用性,并鼓励他们的交流的论文...

Shopping Cart project source code using jsp

size:13px;white-space:normal;">Microsoft SQL Server includes a popular command-prompt utility named bcp for moving data from one table to another, whether on a single server or between servers. TheSqlBulkCopy class lets you write managed code solutions that provide similar functionali...

E- learning system using jsp

learning system. It is coded in JSP. The database is mysql. the database connectivity code is included in the code. In the application user can create an account, can study the given study materials, attempt the objective questions, get a pass or fail  status for every test....

In hospital management system JSP

Application backgroundHospital Management System is a complete tool for the reciptionist to manage all the doctors,patients,medicins and its by far the simplest code for those who need to submit project within a short period of timeKey TechnologyI've use java as the business logic and for presentati...

JSP SEssion With Registration


Emortgage system

space:nowrap;">EMortgage 是电子的按揭贷款是创建、 执行、 转移和以电子方式存储的贷款文件。 在美国 eMortgages 作出法律上可强制执行的全球和国家商务法 》 和统一电子交易法 》 中的电子签名。标准化的 eMortgages 正在便利在美国...

Online Examination

The Online examination system is only for the admin side. It can upload the question using the .csv(Comma separation value) and manage the question....

tourism across india..

yeah try this out its easy and best.its jsp code.. backend is mysql or oracle..registration and login ideas are also available...   ...


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